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    B-Mac Chat with Devin Reiche of Anubis

    By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy The name Anubis comes from Egyptian culture. Anubis is the God of death, mummification, the afterlife and the Underworld. The name alone would make for a cool heavy metal band name. [...]
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    By Stephanie Stevens THE BROWNING RELEASES TRUE MASTERPIECE IN “END OF EXISTENCE” What can you say about THE BROWNING the guys just keep getting better as years go by!  They bring this apocalyptic, despotic, doomy [...]
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    Resolve Interview

    By Stephanie Stevens Building a solid brand and foundation, learning and growing on your craft and observing the right and wrong ways that a band and its members will work and enhance their sound is [...]
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    Breaking in a Sequence Interview

    By Stephanie Stevens Former drummer of Korn, David Silveria is back and as impactful as ever with his new band BREAKING IN A SEQUENCE. The band hails from Huntington Beach, CA and has made a [...]
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    Above Snakes Interview

    By Stephanie Stevens Hollywood taught Johnny Skulls and Dax Dabs lessons and made them see how they value their own creativity and point of view. The west coast helped them get music out and had [...]

Shallow Side @ The Canal Club

by Matt Mart in Feature 0

By Out With Ambler The boys from Alabama hit the road with the boys from Texas! Out With Ambler caught Shallow Side on their final night as direct support for Texas Hippie Coalition in Richmond, [...]
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