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    Interview with The Mylars

    By Stephanie Stevens THE MYLARS are a wake-up call to what the 70’s and 80’s music brought to our lives, back in the day. Listening to this band just makes me reminiscence, back to movies I [...]
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    B-Mac Chat with Mike Portnoy

    By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy When it comes to naming the best drummers of all time, these names would come to mind: Keith Moon (The Who), Ringo Starr (The Beatles), Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Tommy Lee (Motley [...]
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    By Stephanie Stevens FALLING THROUGH APRIL is a 5-Piece female fronted alternative rock from Charlotte, NC. Making some major noise and moves up rock charts with the single “DESPERATE MEASURES” these guys are ready to make 2018 [...]
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    Interview with Silent Season

    By Stephanie Stevens Boston based Hard rock band SILENT SEASON began when the music world was going through some major changes, but the passion, love and positive attitude the guys had for the music they were creating, [...]

Dropping Lords of Acid at the Wayfarer

by Matt Mart in Feature 1

By Matt “Rabit” Martinez Red Hare Images All bands strive to be successful and bring their music to the masses. Some bands achieve ultimate fame by being considered a house hold name. You bring up [...]
Underground Revolution

Interview with the one man band Crejuvent

by Matt Mart in Feature 0

By Joe Tyree It seems that you don’t take yourself to seriously in reading some of your info, how does that come through in your music? It’s not necessarily that I don’t take myself seriously. Like [...]
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