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    B-Mac Chat with Johnny Plague of Winds of Plague

    By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy If you metalheads are looking for a band that is driven by passion and intensity, with a symphonic edge, then look no further than Winds of Plague. Matt and I have seen these guys twice in [...]
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    Interview with The Mylars

    By Stephanie Stevens THE MYLARS are a wake-up call to what the 70’s and 80’s music brought to our lives, back in the day. Listening to this band just makes me reminiscence, back to movies I [...]
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    B-Mac Chat with Mike Portnoy

    By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy When it comes to naming the best drummers of all time, these names would come to mind: Keith Moon (The Who), Ringo Starr (The Beatles), Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Tommy Lee (Motley [...]

Album Review: Zeal & Ardor, Devil Is Fine

by Matt Mart in Feature 0

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy If there is one kind of heavy metal genre that I tend to not listen to, that would be black metal. Black metal is an extreme speed metal with rip-roaring vocals, [...]
Underground Revolution

Interview with the one man band Crejuvent

by Matt Mart in Feature 0

By Joe Tyree It seems that you don’t take yourself to seriously in reading some of your info, how does that come through in your music? It’s not necessarily that I don’t take myself seriously. Like [...]
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