The Top 25 Most Influential Women in Rock & Metal 2015/16


As young ladies we have big dreams of making an impact on the world on others, and making a difference. So many women are in the spotlight but it takes an AMAZING woman to make an impact. Although there are so many more than 25 women who make a difference making music scenes, building communities and are super role models, these 25 women go above and beyond being a good influence for their fans. Here is Uncivil Revolt’s Top 25 Most Influential Women in Rock/Metal 2015/16.

25. Jes Hudak

This small town girl from Saratoga NY to big time city girl, Jes has seen a lot from living in Brooklyn NY, to LA, and being a small town girl to coming in 2nd place on reality show Platinum Hit with host Jewel. Jes has passion, talent and drive that started at a very young age, from high school playing in parks and coffee shops,and on to bars, then progressing to playing in NYC at The Bitter End. No wonder this girl starts our Top 25.

24. Jillian Riscoe (Red Velvet Crush)

 Hailing from Kansas City, MO. Jillian puts her heart and soul into her music and lyrics. Traveling from Kansas City to Nashville to record their new album, Red Velvet Crush promotes and books their own shows. Jillian, handwrites Christmas cards to her
fans and takes the time to make sure they feel special. She is amazing, kind and very talented.


23. Skarlett (Skarlett Riot)


Coming from the UK, this young, confident, and thriving band has taking us by storm. With the end of their ‘We Are The Brave Tour’, and playing with New Zealands Devilskin, Skarlett owns the stage and makes you feel as if you are part of her performance.

22. Melanie Kramer (Sirsy)

Out of Upstate NY, Melanie sure knows how to draw a crowd and radiate her talent. Soft spoken offstage and a firecracker onstage, Melanie not only sings, but she plays the flute, bass pad and drums simultaneously.It’s something you have to see to believe with a Janis Joplin voice and an old soul.

21. Diamante


So much to say about this California girl! Opening up for Whitesnake, touring with Flyleaf, and owning a crowd like its nobody’s business, Diamante is powerful, and hardcore onstage. All of that and it’s hard to believe she is still a teenager. Her powerful voice and her huge stage presence will throw you off that she is still so young with so much room to grow!

20. Lindsay Matheson (Schoolcraft/Cradle of Filth)

Lindsay is just downright amazing. Playing keyboards, performing backing vocals for Cradle of Filth, and also having her own project in Schoolcraft. She knows how to get people’s attention. She is unique fan friendly, vegan and an astounding talent. She cares so much about her fans. Just what we look for!

 19. Laura Vierra (The Animal In Me)


Another California girl, Laura has an amazing positivity about her. Their song “I Created A Monster” digs deep into topics most would shy away from, her cover of Adele’s Hello is remarkable and one of the best we have ever heard. Laura can also be seen hugging her fans from the stage which proves she’s all about the people who listen to her. This is one awesome woman!!

18. Liz Duenas (Level Se7en)

We have personally gotten to know this woman and we must say… One of the kindest and sweetest lady’s Uncivil Revolt have gotten the pleasure of talking to! Her music is phenomenal and she also loves what her fans and others do for her. A very amazing woman with a big heart.

19. TJ (The Nearly Deads)

Now this woman not only grabs our attention with her music and voice but her humor. Funny, sweet, and talented. Anywhere from writing about Zombies to singing a cover of Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball, and it sounds incredible! You can’t help but be fascinated by TJ and her music.

16. Ashley Costello (New Year’s Day)

Ashley LOVES her fans. She never hesitates to stop for a selfie with one of the loyal followers. On top of music her accomplishments she also volunteers at an animal shelter and has an animal rescue of her own! Playing Warped Tour, opening for Motionless In White in the UK on the Beyond The Baricade Tour, Ashley is dark, suspenseful and rocking!

15. Danielle Engum (Cold Kingdom)

Coming out of Minnesota, Danielle can be seen from the stage with her bright blue hair and mind-blowing voice. Her fans are so protective that at one show a guy pulled a knife out and one of her fans stopped him. That’s loyalty at its finest. Playing big shows and great crowds, they didn’t even let their equiptment getting stolen stop them from touring and giving their fans a great show. Danielle comes in at number 15 for a very good reason.

14. Katy Jackson (TIGRESS)


Out of England we have Katy Jackson. Starting off with her project The Hype Theory, Katy did covers of Pierce The Veils “King for a Day” that would blow your mind. Now with her new project TIGRESS, Katy takes on a more soulful and laid back approach to music. Meaningful lyrics and soothing music, Katy has done well at winning our, and other fans approval.

13. Brittany Slayes (Unleash The Archers)

Want to talk about blowing your mind? Brittany’s high range vocals can do just that. Hailing from Canada and into our ears, this woman is not only talented but a sweetheart as well. Not hesitating to give fans what they want, need, and doing it with pride and spunk. There isn’t anything not to love about this woman!

12. Carla Coates and Heidi Shepard (Butcher Babies)


We just had to put these two together because we cannot make one better than the other. Carla and Heidi take time for fans regardless of time or obligations, even letting some fans into their “Monster’s Ball” video. With Heidi’s bright red hair and Carla’s signature black hair, these women own the stage, with screams, singing and jumping, these girls know how to rock!

11. Kimberly Freeman (One Eyed Doll)

Where some people see odd we see beauty. Kimberly is known for her long long locks and amazing makeup and outfits. She not only can pull off what a 4 piece band can with just 2 people, but she loves her fans and enjoys performing on stage and that shows. Friendly, sweet, and kindhearted. She has a talent for doing videos that don’t even need lyrics to understand. One girl, many, many talents.

10. Marcela Bovio (Stream Of Passion)


Marcela is one of those vocalists that when she sings you feel it, deep inside your soul. Lyrics piercing every bit of you, music sooting your heart not to mention her violin playing is one of the best we have ever heard. She puts everything in to what she does and how she does it. Marcela is beyond a remarkable talent.

9. Stef “With an F” (City Of The Weak) 

So much can be said about this Montana native. Vegan, big on animal rights and one of the most dedicated musicians when it comes to her fans. Stef is so dedicated that she and her band even went out of their way to meet up with a fan who couldn’t make it to a show. When I talked to her she even told me that she keeps letters next to her bed in her nightstand and reads them to remind her of why she does what she does. Words cannot explain how great she is.

8. Emily Lazar (September Mourning)



“The story and music of September Mourning is about redemption and finding your place in the world. It’s about knowing inside that being an individual and not conforming is something to take pride in….knowing that if you stay true to your heart you will never be standing alone, we will always be standing with you.” -September Mourning

7. Sophia Aslanidou (Season Of Ghosts)


Sophia is one on the most self efficent women we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Basically taking on all tasks by herself. She also takes pride in her fans and doesn’t let it go to her head. With songs like Dream Paralysis and Time Travelers, she takes on a genre of her own.

6. KT Paige (Romantic Rebel)

KT, what can we say about her? Well for starters, standing at only 5 foot tall she sounds like a giant. Her voice is huge and her performance is even bigger. Not only does KT sing well but shes also an accomplished painter. KT is so well liked people get tattoos of her and her band stating “Be The Black Rose” That is someone who is very respected. With songs like “Alive” and “Believe” its no wonder she came so high on the list.

5. Kobra Paige (Kobra and the Lotus)

One woman from Canada that has the voice of 10. From high pitch to low pitch this woman can sing with the best of men and do even better. Approachable, gracious and extremely talented, Kobra Paige’s classically trained background shows with her powerhouse delivery on songs like “Soldier.”

Make sure to check her band out!

4. Ariel for Hire (Icon For Hire)

Ariel is one of the most optimistic people. From singing about positivity to designing her own clothes, to making fans feel like they are
the most important people in the world. She has one of those personalities that make you want to get to know her better. Even having her own Reality Show on Youtube, she talks about anything from how to dye your hair the right way to how to no longer hate yourself. This woman comes very high on our list.

3. Mixi – (Stitched Up Heart)


One of the reasons we love this lady so much is that she’s not afraid to admit that shes made mistakes in the past, and even sings about them. She also has a song called “Never Alone” where she lets her fans know that she’s always there for them. Mixi also donates time and money into and fostering kittens and dogs. From winning reality show Redemption Song to playing with Halestorm at Shiprocked and Slipknot. She shows just how dreams can come true.

2. Jeni Imparato (Phosphene)


From Chicago here comes our #2. Jeni sings about domestic violence and loving yourself. Jeni is one of those women that everyone should have in their life. She loves everyone to the fullest. She never makes anyone feel less than and she is always smiling. One of the best people we have ever met in our lives, Jeni sings with passion and heart, and loves just the same. Doesn’t matter if you are a family member, friend, fan or stranger. She makes you feel special and to us that deserves this spot.

1. Lariyah Hayes (Khaotika)

Number 1 has to go to this lady. Lariyah is a woman of many talents. After recovering from a severe injury, where her band and another bands van crashed killing 3 people, including her drummer, we got to know her a little better, and we were so glad that we did. Born in Poland, and living in Atlanta Georgia, Lariyah has accomplished so much. Ms. Poland, Model of the Month, painter, body builder competitor, jewelry designer, clothes designer, doll maker, vocalist, writer, performer, wife and mother. This woman makes time for it all. Making sure she gets as many life experiences as she can. She is so kind hearted and friendly. Easy to talk to and extremely talented. No other number than number 1 and here she stands!

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