Concert Review: Slipknot & Manson, July 24th at SPAC. Saratoga Performing Arts Center.

By: Tony Osuchowski

Hello fellow Metal fans, I am here to give a synopsis of my experience, and what you would come to expect from attending the current Marilyn Manson and Slipknot concert. First off, I witnessed both of these bands for the first time at this concert, at a hometown venue, an open air pavilion. Yes I know…”what??!?! Tony, say it isn’t so!!” It’s true, and I must say that the experience was one that made me wish that I had been attending the shows of both of these entertainers all along. Both Manson and Slipknot are not new to the scene, but I must say the enthusiasm shown towards each was electric. That electricity of the crowd was equally met by the same, exuded by each set belted out by the respective performers. Marilyn Manson engaged the crowd during his singing of “Sweet Dreams”  and took it one step further by walking around the Pavillion, during “Beautiful People”, coming within 20 feet of myself and the friends I was there with.

Manson did an excellent job at what seemed to be that of priming the masses for the upcoming Slipknot experience. Slipknot easily gave a tour de force show, citing their strong appreciation for the venue and the overwhelming reception that they always get. Corey Taylor’s presence was anything but lacking, considering having had recent surgery to his neck/ spine. He and the rest of the guys did an excellent job of getting this guy out there near the mosh pit and headbanging with my horns held high. Always an exhilarating pastime at a concert of the like I was at. “Psychosocial” began and you could feel the synergy of the crowd erupt. Lots of energy from the stage and the crowd…mixing above us all, and then descending back down upon us, to only keep that feel much alive; carrying us into the next song. Another crowd pleaser, “The devil in I”, was yet again an effective catalyst in the bringing forth or raw energy, and mutual appreciation, that of artist to fans and fans reverberated back to the stage.

Appreciation for an experience I won’t soon forget, as that appreciation was clearly seen in Slipknot performing a 4 song encore…or was it 5.?? It was blurry at that point, as a result of my grey matter being sloshed around in my skull, from the exuberant shenanigans of a metalhead. Get to this concert if you can, you will not be in the least disappointed.


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