Photo Review: Romantic Rebel at the Outpost (Kent, OH)

All photo’s and review by Matt Moser for Uncivil Revolt

Romantic Rebel, a hard rock band out of Chicago, Illinois, stopped by the Outpost in support for Smile Empty Soul last Thursday night. Fronted by a dynamic female lead vocalist and also been picked as Revolver’s “Hottest Chick in Hard Rock/Metal” in their January 2015 issue, I thought since my schedule was open for that evening, this would be a worthwhile opportunity to give this band a look. My verdict. A well-polished and fluid sounded group I expected while listening to them online. The biggest thing that I appreciated from their set was everyone’s progressive energy. Alex’s ‘David Lee Roth’ high kicks was a prime example of this intensity.

The current lineup for Romantic Rebel includes; Alex Vincent, KT Paige, Zach Smith, and Ty Del Rose.

Moser Photoworks


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