Trapt – DNA Album Review

By: Scottie Brown

2016 has been one amazing year for rock and metal music. Trapt has shown us this is proven fact. “DNA” has everything that anyone could want in a rock album, everything from hard rocking songs that you can’t help but bang your head to, or an amazing love ballad that hits you right in the feels (that kids, is an abbreviation for feelings). Trapt is still on the road to success, even after a decade.

Long-time fans can appreciate “DNA”. After years of evolution, Trapt has continued to trap (no pun intended) their original sound in every album. The intro of the album really sets the mood for what one can expect in this album, with the hit song “Human (Like the Rest of Us)” following. From there, this album is amazing all the way through. “Tangled Up in You” gives a glimpse of simply how emotional and beautiful Trapt can be, this song talks about the feeling of being so in love with someone that you want to be with nothing but, the more brutal songs such as “Unforgiven”, touches on someone hurting you and you not being able to forgive them. “DNA” is such a well written album both musically and lyrically.

Overall, this album is a wonderful wholesome rock album. Fans of Trapt can appreciate the beauty that beholds this album, while it catches a sound of today’s rock to catch new fans as well. “DNA” is made up of musicians that passionately write music, the fans that got them there today, and the new fans they will make through this wondrous work of art.

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