Interview with Hollis Mahady of Love Zombies

September 26, 2016 uncivilr 0

Lead singer Hollis calls Love Zombies music high vibrational rock and roll and goes on to say that: “Love Zombies is more then a band to me. It is a life style choice. Choosing to live as a Love Zombie is waking up and choosing to try to live consciously on a daily basis from a place of love, empathy, compassion and respect for yourself and others. […]

One Less Reason Is all you need

September 24, 2016 uncivilr 0

The accomplishments of One Less Reason are astonishing. These guys have been burning up stage with many of the famous rockstars of our generation including acts such as Seether, OneRepublic, 10 Years, and many more. […]

Interview with Kemble Walters, lead singer of AEGES

September 6, 2016 uncivilr 0

“A love relationship, there no reason for me to write about that because that stuff creates a “so what” you know? everybody’s already written about that stuff. Of course if I do write about that, it’s in a different light, because I don’t want to write love songs. I guess alot of the songs have to do with life and death in general.” […]

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