One Less Reason Is all you need

By Scottie Brown

One Less Reason is all one needs to speak of when it comes to one of the most underrated hard rock bands in the industry today. Hailing from the city of Memphis, Tennessee, these guys have grinded from the start and have no urge to stop anytime soon. “The Memories Uninvited” is the newest record that dropped on the 19th of August and is allowing them one of the first national tours of their career with Sick Puppies.


When One Less Reason formed, their musical sound was not what always what is heard today. The band used to play on the hard rock and heavy metal scene. People that the band was working with thought that the band has such a wonderful sound, but thought that Cris had an amazing voice and that he should try to use his voice instead of his screams. “One Less Reason at first was a heavy metal band called Lap Dog, we started working with a guy named Rigby out of Atlanta. We went into preproduction and I was just seeing these songs. He said start, play me something, and I started singing and it was filled with all kinds of screams. Rigby asked me what I was doing. I just heard you sing, why are you not singing? If you want to make music and pay your bills doing so, listen to me. We did and we came out of there with some of our best songs. We went back home and people that were fans of the band and had the stuff didn’t like it. So, we changed our name to One Less Reason to be what those people wanted us to be or expected of us” says Cris.




Most bands on the scene have to be signed to a major label in order to find success, which is not the case for One Less Reason. The band has managed to stay independent throughout their whole career and have been working hard to promote their music all around the east coast, playing in any venue that they could get into to play music. Due to being independent and making music for so long, One Less Reason can continue to stay on the independent scene. Due to this, One Less Reason has continuously been able to put out amazing work at their own pace without any of the pressure that comes with a major label  “At this point in my life, the pressure comes from being signed to major labels and trying to do this and trying to do that. We’ve made enough money so we can do really whatever we want, if you want me to be honest. We’ve been independent for so long it comes naturally. It’s nice to not have any rules and to be able to do whatever we want. We don’t have to worry about time. If it takes me an hour to figure out a song, it takes me an hour to figure out a song you know? Like our new album took me three years and we didn’t have to worry. That takes some of the pressure off” says lead singer Cris Brown.



The accomplishments of One Less Reason are astonishing. These guys have been burning up stage with many of the famous rockstars of our generation including acts such as Seether, OneRepublic, 10 Years, and many more. With the release of “The Memories Uninvited” it topped number one of the iTunes hard rock genre. “Faces and Four Letter Words” even debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hateseekers Chart. This is an amazing accomplishment for an artist that has released an album independently.



One Less Reason has been at it so long that these guys allow themselves to easily flow in and out of the music world. Even in the prime of their career, One Less Reason makes sure that they allow them time for themselves. “I am probably the most boring man on planet Earth. I like to hang out with my children. I have two daughters and I want to make sure I get as much time with them as possible. They are only young once. It’s crazy because way back, it used to be all about me and it used to be all about One Less Reason. One Less Reason was all I was. They came along and completely changed everything about me and that’s what I like to do. It’s nice to have the best of both worlds” says Cris. He even features one of his daughters on the song “On the Way Down”.


Learn more about One Less Reason with the links below… Click on the youtube link to see Even more video’s by the band!

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