Album Review: SYLAR Help

By Scottie Brown

For several years now, music has been known to mix genres to create sub-genres, and sometimes with much failure. Sylar is the opposite, as these guys throughout, the breakthrough album “Help!” break down even more walls and barriers that sets music apart. Sylar achieves this with much success. Every single song on the album is catchy, fun, and heavy, which can be very hard to create. Heads will be moving to the beat of every song.

Sylar starts off with a great introduction for the album. The title track “Help!” is a perfect introduction for the album and really sets the tone for what ears are about to hear. The album does not slow down at all and keeps a solid pace. Sylar maintains a wonderful pattern of combining every element of today’s metal music and then throwing a curveball of passionate vocals and rhymes that flow perfectly with the songs mood.

The 3rd track on the record, which is the hit single “Assume” that has very successful airplay on things like Sirius/XM Octane, is not misleading. Today, we get a single that contains all the energy of an album and the rest of the record doesn’t deliver. Help (no pun intended) matches the single perfectly and shows what the rest of the record has to offer. Lyrically, it’s a masterpiece, touching on very personal issues for those that don’t have a voice. “Help!” has a message everyone can appreciate.

In conclusion, this album is amazing. “Help” is a work of art. Sylar will be able to achieve things with this record. Its lyrical message and strong music work together in perfect harmony. Everything in this album is perfected, not a single fix or adjustment. One of the best and well put together albums of 2016.

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