Awaken the Shadow has a “Life Beyond the Curse” with amazing new album

Awaken the Shadow is a band that metal fans truly needed. “Life Beyond the Curse” is an album that doesn’t know a genre. This album jumps from metal all the way down to alternative, covering every sub-genre that one could think of. “Life Beyond the Curse” is a self-written, self-produced, and self-mixed.  Awaken the Shadow should be very proud of what they created.

“Life Beyond the Curse” is an album where no song sounds the same, no riffs are the same, everything is unique. Throughout this 12 song record, the listener will hear something different and new with every song. Vocally, the album also changes drastically. The whole band proved that Awaken the Shadow is ready to take on any task for writing music. “Broken” is one of the most notable songs on the album. This song is one of few amazing ballads on the album. They lyrics on this album tackle everything and the message is something that everyone can appreciate.


Overall, this album is quite amazing for being done completely by the band without backing. Because of this, they were able to experiment on different genres of music, which can definitely be appreciated. With all the stale music that is used and changed over and over again, “Life Beyond the Curse” is a breath of fresh air for any music lover. Awaken the Shadow has been unleashed, and the world will hear the awakening.

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