Scattered Hamlet: Swamp Rebel Machine Review

By: Tim Sirbaugh

Scattered Hamlet is described as Southern Fried Hard Rock or Honky Tonk Metal mixed with enough octane to drive an 18 wheeler, but I get a whole host of other influences and categorizations from their new album, Swamp Rebel Machine. If anyone remembers Raging Slab from the late 80’s, early 90’s, they were billed as Metallica meets Lynyrd Skynyrd. I definitely hear some similarities, but Scattered Hamlet is so much more. Immersing myself in the album, I hear elements of Southern Rock, Stoner Rock, Groove Metal, Doom Metal, with some Punk influences, so basically, there is something for everyone!

My favorite track on the album is Stonewall Jackson….any song that mentions the Dukes of Hazard is a hit in my book. Other favorites are Whip-Poor-Will – a very groove oriented rocker, White Trash – straight up hard Southern Rock, Swamp Rebel Machine – a Circus of Power inspired tune, and The Lesson – a very Clutch-like sounding song circa their   1995 self-titled release.


The vocal delivery style across the album reminds me of Rob Zombie & Wednesday 13. So when I found out that Jason Donaghy (2 time Grammy-nominated producer) had produced the album, I wasn’t surprised. He’s worked with Rob Zombie, John 5, & The Murderdolls before. Fans of Circus of Power, Junkyard, Molly Hatchet, The Four Horsemen, & Clutch will all find something to grab onto.

Scattered Hamlet is touring extensively in support of Swamp Rebel Machine, and if or when they hit the east coast, I’ll be sure to catch them perform live.

Scattered Hamlet is:
Adam Joad – Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar
Jake Delling – Drums
Richard Erwin – Bass, Vocals

Adam Newell – Lead Guitar, Vocals

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