Review of Clutch show Upstate Concert Hall, Clifton Park, NY

By Tony Osuchowski

A sold out crowd awaits Clutch, amidst a smokey, steamy ambience thick with the testosterone and estrogen of awaiting fans, much like waiting for the entrance of prophets. Only this specific occasion, prophets of noise that would without a doubt be resoundingly praised from the start. Sitting in “the pit” the surging energy could easily be felt behind me, as the lights go down in anticipation of the soon entrance of Clutch, to the stage. It was quickly observed, the power that the lead singer Neil Fallon had in energizing the crowd. Energized he and the rest of the guys in the band did, and the more energized they all became, as more in to the set they performed. The conduit of the creation of a reciprocal synergy seemed to ever present in the air, fueled by artist, fans, and the rockin, heart (and other internal organ) pounding music, all enjoying unequivocally. With a commanding stage presence, that never seemed to be dulled as the show progressed, I took my leave of the pit after “Burning Beard”, “Decapitation Blues”, and “Crucial Velocity”, were done.


I knew full well, that even after taking a seat at the rear of the crowd, there was to be a strong continuity of the raw rocking power Clutch was projecting forth. Intensity on the stage, and intensity in every area of an appreciating crowd, didn’t diminish an ounce. That intensity carried on, to that moment when Clutch returned to the stage for an encore, and beyond that as well. Clutch pleased a rocked-to-the-core crowd many times over yet again with encore performances of multiple songs. One can easily pick up on the awesome rocking cohesiveness of a band belting out a love for what they craft. One can also easily pick up on the love from fans of what is crafted. Craftsmen, Clutch proved to be, and I pleasantly walked away from the show, having had my insides quite literal shaken into a great appreciation of newly forged fandom. Excellent show, excellent ambience of Rock, not to be missed.

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