Ravenscroft Speak of Family and Fans

By: Janelle Riegel

Ravenscroft is Melodic, Hard Hitting Rock that comes from the Soul! Their sound is derived from the very Best of Old School meets New School Hard Rock. Black Sabbath meets Tool, Drowning Pool meets Shinedown, Creed meets Godsmack! Ravenscroft is very Familiar, yet very New, Original and Cutting Edge!

What are some new projects that you guys are working on to put out there for us coming up?  What influenced you to do this video?

We are just starting to do a new video shoot that we will be starting in November . We just gone done discussing. Some details with our video producer. Social  media has a lot of influence on how music gets out there, you make a good video people are interested to watch, Also, YouTube It’s A Mainstream audience who gets to hear what were putting out there and producing.
If you want exposure You put a really good video for them to watch and share with their friends.

We have A good idea and were ready to make it.

Music brings out a lot of inspirational thoughts, what have you come up with idea wise for the video? Music obviously relates to a lot of Life events, personal non-personal. What is it that really sticks out to you guys that you feel like this would make an awesome video and this is what people can relate to?

There’s a lot of things happening in the world today that are incredibly violent Amarillo living in rough times and anything that’s happening around us will give us a good influence to do a video that people can relate to. Everybody seems to be uptight and angry there’s a lot of Chaos in the world today so most of our music we draw from Life Experiences.
Growing up, individually, did you know that this was something you wanted to do , or was it something that just came about over the  years. What was it that inspired you to say, hey this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.
That’s funny that you ask that !!! For me “Brett”, the guitar player for Ravenscroft:   I would say–

 the rock band Kiss! When I was 12 years old we would just stuff like this and we would have fake concerts in the living room with all the makeup  on!!. that rock band came out for me: was what is an image for me that started a lot of it to play music.

How about you “Baker”?….
I as well, had a moment that I’ll never forget.
 I had older brothers that turn me on to rock music like AC/DC and Black Sabbath which was cool because I was really young.

My older brother took me to a Van Halen concert when I was 12. That was the very first show I ever went to. And I’ll never forget it that actually hit me from head to toe. And that was the moment for sure that I actually wanted to play that was the moment for me to play guitar and bass and being a rock band I remember going home the next day telling my dad that I wanted to play place and play wanted to play guitar and play rock and roll and I did from that point on I actually had a moment that had me start.


Pat drummer,

I was a Black Sabbath fan, as far as what makes me want to keep doing this has a lot to do with that same show with all the people around me that love music and that were really into it and get opportunities backstage and meet them. They really gave me the influence to start playing.  There’s something magical when you get up on stage and play in front of people, there’s something about it that’s a real connection.  To connect with 20,000 people or whatever that was something that I wanted to do when I got the first opportunity to play and I knew it was something I wanted to do the rest of my life until I got tired of it which I didn’t think would really happen.


Who  would you tour with if you ever had the chance?
That’s pretty easy. Metallica, Godsmack, Disturbed , Sevendust, Shinedown ,Seether.
What activities do you like to do when you’re not touring together as a band you know when you have some time to spare what is it that you like to do for fun?
Brett:  For me it’s family. Family is very important.
We all. Enjoy riding motorcycles, hiking, Fitness. going  to the gym. Doing the things that we really enjoy. Going out eating good food and being good friends but on stage is  the most Fun.
Ralph: For me it’s working out, watching horror movies hiking with my wife.

  —-we all share a lot of the same interests and fun.

What happens between you guys when on the road together as a family  just to make it interesting every now and then , just to break the tension between travels &  the any practical jokes going  on? …   between you guys – known fun stuff?

Ahh,yes!..lol…..A lot of that kept secret!!..lol. We’ll Keep you suspense like trump…lol!


Do you have any favorite place you really like to play at?  That you just like and say I want to go back there. 

Brett : Since I’ve been in the band a few years there has been a couple of  standout shows and one was at the whiskey on the Sunset Strip, another one is The Viper Room and more intimate clubs. They were so packed and full of people , really those two shows stood out for us, the crowd response was amazing and was so radical . We got the opportunity to play at the Tuscan Fair… that was a really high energy and we enjoyed all that energy. The crowd response was amazing . It was an awesome opportunity and the crowd singing along and to have that connection with the fans.


What was the most difficult video to shoot? To really just get your word across,  what was the most fun?

Well we’ve always had a lot of fun with all the videos that we have shot so far but I would say the most difficult one would be our last video. She had to reshoot the video twice and we are really looking forward to our next video for the end of November.


I hope to see you soon,  you’ll  have to keep us updated on any new tour dates.
To tell you the truth because we’re doing the video and the album is coming out we are just waiting to book a tour so we don’t have any details yet We have some stuff in the works but nothing solid as of yet. We have to wait for the release of the video before we can confirm anything, We would like to release a video before a tour ..and with NAMM coming up….that would be important thing for us to do. It’s going to be a launch of our first single for the tour.

It all sounds exciting and we will have the  fans looking for that. Just keep doing what you doing guys ,you guys are doing awesome in music and are so inspirational. Just keep blocking it out and keep touring and we will support you and I’m glad that you talked with us here at  UNCIVIL REVOLT about everything. We are excited, myself included, I’m a big fan of your music and we wish you all the best of luck!!!

Thank you Janelle and UNCIVIL REVOLT. We appreciate all the support!

Rock on!

Ravenscroft are :Brett Gorke ( Aka brett octane ) Ralph Buso, Pat Magrath, Devin Baker .

Photo’s By Goubert Photography

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