HAIL SAGAN: A Hidden Gem in the future of Metal

By: Skullgurl Metalchick

Let’s face it, in 2003 when Evenevance hit the music scene from seemingly out of the blue, the aura of melodic heavy metal changed forever.  Until Amy Lee with her phenomenal vocal range and hauntingly beautiful presence appeared, the world of Heavy Metal music was a world dominated by men.  Yes, there were the rare gems like Shirley Manson, Fallon Bowman, Doro Pesch, but sadly, there were just not enough female Metal singers.  As Amy Lee’s star kept skyrocketing, more and more female fronted Metal bands emerged.  The tide had shifted, and the music industry witnessed the emergence of some of the most meteoric Lady Metal singers ever heard.  Otep, Lacey Sturm,  Maria Brink, Christina Scabia, the ladies of The Butcher Babies, Lizzy Hale, all have carved a nitch in this fantastic moment in metal time.

As each new female fronted metal band emerged, the market began to feel the oversaturation, and the newness of having female fronted bands began to wear off, making it harder for these types of bands to set themselves apart.  Sadly many uber talented bands fronted by badass sirens could not find their spotlight, and faded away.  Before you give up on the future of ladies in Metal music, keep reading, I am about to tell you about a hidden gem of a band named Hail Sagan.

First thing that grabbed my attention about this California based band, was the shear power of vocalist Sagan Amery’s voice.  A powerful voice in Heavy Metal music is a given, but then add that the lead singer is a teeny tiny little whisp of the fairer sex, I was tickled pink. I had to double check three times to make sure I had searched the correct singer that was attached to the music video, ” Dark Cloud” .  I am rarely amazed in this industry anymore, and I can be a tad jaded, so when a voice comes along like the one Sagan Amery possesses, it renews my faith in the path of Heavy Metal music. Veteran Metal Music powerhouse Dave Ellefson, made the highly intelligent decision to bring Hail Sagan into to the fold at his  star making EMP Label Group this past year.  The band includes one of the most technically profound and masterful guitarists of Nu Metal, Nick Quijano (Powerman 5000),who has a fun little onstage gimick also.  The drummer and the bassist in Hail Sagan wear the coolest ghoulish masks, and the identities of these two players are well a guarded secret.  The band is currently on a mini tour, stirring up lots of buzz and creating new fans.  

Please follow the links below , like the pages, buy the music, you my dear readers are why bands like Hail Sagan do what they do!


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