Interview with Metal/Hard Rock Band: Rebels Over Flames

By: Your Queen of All That Rocks & Metal- Salacious Jane

It takes more than just a desire to rise above the rest. Pushing your limits, testing your boundaries, taking a calculated risk, moving forward and faith that what you bring is exactly what feels like the right sound, at the right time, for the right rockers you know it won’t be much longer before the gates of rockdom open and your band is lit on.

Rebels Over Flames continue to burn their way brightly across the East Coast scorching their metal hard rock sound over the airwaves, through their social media, and live performances. Never taking a break because this is their dream, their goal, their vision, this Rebels Over Flames. Lead vocalist Bam Garrido is intense. You hear it in his voice when he speaks, you see it in his eyes when he makes contact, and your sense it the moment he hits the stage, along with his band members: bass- Kiki Lloyd, guitar- Zimmy Zee, guitar/backing vocals- Johnny 6 and drummer- E3 they are all together shaking this vibe that draws their audiences in.

Rebels Over Flames are now working on their next album, plus putting together the details to do a short tour soon. Their accomplishments so far are tight, their direction sold, and their love for their music is explosive and continually developing to create this four piece band out of the streets of New York to reel you in and capture your hard rocking metal soul.

Salacious Jane: You released your debut EP this past year. What does that feel like, that’s a big accomplishment?
Bam G: We couldn’t be any more proud of accomplishing that first goal. The fact that we finally released our songs on the EP was a journey that we finally fulfilled. 

SJ: You’ve been performing quite a bit around your area in NY to support the release. What’s been the reaction to your music?
Bam G: So far people have been going from the audience to fans. We have been getting a lot of love and support, even from other bands whom we have shared the stage with. 

SJ: Have you been working on new material? We heard you’ve been back in the studio.
Bam G: Well we were back in the studio to record a song that didn’t get to make the EP simply because we felt like it didn’t fit the concept. We also recorded a cover song and something else that we can’t talk about yet

SJ: Is the new music feeling like it’s a developing style from where you began?
Bam G: The material we are working on now is way different from what you heard on our debut EP. A bit heavier, and you could tell our metal/metalcore/post-hardcore influences. We also are writing nice ballad’y’ songs, cause women love romance! [laughed].

SJ: Will they be released as singles or are you looking at another EP?
BAM G: We are working on releasing a full length-album now. We feel like our material isn’t meant to be kept to 5-6 songs minimum. We are taking a different approach. So it’s gonna be something people wouldn’t have expected.

SJ: Any date on release and what studio and producer are you working with?
Bam G: We were going to release REBEL’S CALL (old ROF song) and the cover mid-February, but we’re pushing for a Late March release. As for the secret thing, we were also recording maybe summer…we expect to be back in the studio officially mid-August. We will be working once again with our good from  AUTOMATON as co-producer/engineer. 

SJ: In the world of metal and hard rock you’ve already shared the stage with some huge names. Any bands in particular that have stood out so far as being really chill in shaping yourselves?
Bam G: Well the dudes from HOOKERS & BLOW which consist of JOHNNY KELLY, DIZZY REED, ALEX GROSSI, & MIKE DUDA all who were and are in amazing bands that we grew up listening to. As a matter of fact, JOHNNY KELLY(Drummer to TYPE O NEGATIVE) gave us so much love. His Johnny Kelly) brother said, “When I saw you guys I had low expectations, but you guys flipped the script and blew the f*^king roof off.” 

SJ: Any videos possibly in the works?
Bam G: We are currently working on stories to try and film all the songs on the EP to give you guys a back to back kinda thing. All the songs on the EP are loved so we want to showcase them into visions that people can see. 

SJ: As a relatively new band signed last year to an independent label, what have been some of your greatest accomplishments and how about challenges?
Bam G: Our accomplishments are the fact that we have a tighter band than we ever did, the fact that we are now being called to do more shows. Everyone showing us the purest love ever. Our challenges are trying to get more fans to come see us perform, and also preparing for this new album. We are all coming together as a band and really writing stuff that we all love and know will be loved by the audience. 

SJ: Watching the band on social media you all seem much like family. Plus, you are all super active. How well do you all get along?
Bam G: We all see each other like family. Like a family, we argue, but we stand united. We all know where we wanna go. We all know what direction we want to take our music to. On stage, we all just have a good time and make sure people feels our vibes because we are all there to have as much fun as we can because we love it.

SJ: How important is it to keep fresh feed do you think and has it worked to build your fan base?
Bam G: Oh really f’n important. Kiki, Zev, and I are the ones most active when it comes to refreshing our 3 F’s (FANS, FRIENDS, and FAMILY). I actually get on my personal account, and the band’s accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ReverbNation, and YouTube) and try to communicate with our followers by letting them know what’s coming up next. 

SJ: I’m a classic metal fan- tell me why Rebels Over Flames is one I need to add to my list.
Bam G: All we can say is why not? I mean we have sounds that all generate from our influences such as HIM, FALLING IN REVERSE, BLACK SABBATH, DEVIL YOU KNOW, SLIPKNOT, PARKWAY DRIVE, METALLICA, TRIVIUM, and a lot more. We try to make our sounds sound different and we also make sure people from all genres actually listen and say, “Whoa they just surprised me!” Our second single SHARPSHOOTER! Our EP release party!!! 

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