The Holding Cell – Episode 7 Trials and Tribulations

I enjoyed putting it together and I cant wait to share with you the amazing bands like Soapbox Arson sitting down with Out With Ambler . Annabel Lee and I doing an awesome #threeburningquestions with Rob Chaoz. I visit my friends at Strength Skateboards to say THANK YOU!. I drop by the Georgia Metal Alliance Int’l HMC Virginia Chapter Support show in roanoke. I review a local band from south Carolina called Buried Voices !!! I was allowed to debut their music video “Make friends with a murderer” on my show and I think its fantastic!!! I also have the latest and greatest from Uncivil Revolt and the INKD REVOLUTION update that just launched. SO EXCITING!!!!! Also we have an update to the Asgard Radio Asgard Connect CONTESTS!!!! TWO tickets have been added to Chicago Open Air Festival along with Fort Rock 2017 and Welcome To Rockville which is all a part of the Worlds Loudest Month .

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