Welcome to the INK’D REVOLUTION With KAT VON D and KELLY B!

The music world and the tattoo culture have long been intertwined. It is often witnessed, the love of one bleeding into that of the other in many cases. In this new segment of Uncivil Revolt Magazine, Uncivil Revolt’s Ink’d Revolution, we explore individual artistic expression of tattoos, coupled with music appreciation, and the meaning that each holds. From artists to models, to our very own staff, woman or man, creative expression and appreciation of the arts should always be universal. We believe you will enjoy exploring both the beauty of art, crafted with ink or tune, and how both have such an importance to so many.

For our inaugural installment, we wish to express sincere gratitude, to the beautiful and very talented Kat Von D, for being our first featured Artist, as well as the beautiful Kelly B for being our first model. Ladies, it’s our distinct pleasure to showcase you both. Keep an eye out for more to come folks, you never know who we might feature next.!

Kat Von D is a 34 year old tattoo artist, model, musician and television personality, known the world over. Most notably recognized for her t.v. appearances in Miami Ink (2005-2008) and L.A. Ink (2007-2011), that catapulted her name, she now runs High Voltage Tattoo in L.A, arguably the most famous tattoo shop in Los Angeles. It is easy to see the passion she has for her art, expression and her life’s work show through, in whatever Kat endeavors to do. Having also desired to expanded interests into the world of makeup, Kat developed her own line of cosmetics, in 2008. This further touches on that obvious internal desire to make the world more beautiful, one person at a time.





UR : Could you explain the importance of how your artwork has played a role in expression, not just yourself as an artist, but also for the many people you have tattooed?

Well my artwork is very important to me it breaks out of the norm for me and expresses myself creatively and spiritually. I always been creative ever since I was young there was just a spark for drawing and Tattooing ever since I was 14 just a kid with a creative mind. Well my art for the people I’ve Tattooed is important to them it’s telling a story for them filled with memories that they can cherish forever .They love my art and I love sharing it with my friends and fans. I feel connected with my Art and My Tattoo’s that I’ve done over the years it’s a part of me onto them.

UR: Could you explain your musical interests, and touch on how music has connected with you over the years?

Well how could I describe my music taste well The Cure has to be my all time favorite band with the melancholy songs of the 80’s and then comes The Misfits I’ve always been a fan of them ever since I did my first Tattoo of The Misfits skull .
My music taste doesn’t have a specific genre, but of course over the years it has been changing for me as a person. My music changes all the time just recently my boyfriend Chris Motionless(Motionless In White)got me into Bleeding Through now that’s his favorite band besides The Cure of course. He as a person has impacted me so much making me a better person inside and out. And over the years my friends have impacted,me with there music like Bauhaus .

Music is very important to me it gets me in the creative mind set and away from the world if I really have a bad day and just relax . I believe everybody needs to have music in their life for good times and bad to have something to truly connect with if their life’s aren’t the best or they’re going through something it’s always there when you need it.


Kelly B, is a 33 yr old, hard working, single mother of two girls. Originally from Vermont, Kelly is now a southern belle, living in the Carolina area of the states. Kelly is an animal lover, experiencing much of life with her beloved dog, Tug. One of her many valued life experiences has been working with big cats in captivity, and she will still speak fondly of those memories. It is important to note however, that as much as she loves animals, Kelly has a devote love of family. A compassionate side a mile deep, she has also helped provide in home care for a couple disabled family members. Expanding on that, Kelly is very supportive of military men and women, by way of various volunteer organizations, most namely, those who put care packages together to ship to our soldiers. Kelly will tell you that she is a bit of an adventure seeker, and lover of travel as well. A recent trip to Okinawa, she was able to combine the two, by zip-lining above the island’s canopy. An avid Tuff Mudder race participant, Kelly is also a fierce competitor, and one tough cookie. Kelly credits Five Finger Death Punch as her favorite band. With beauty galore, and the before mentioned traits, it is clear Kelly is definitely, and Marilyn Manson would agree, one of the “beautiful people” of this world.

UR : Could you explain the importance of how your artwork has played a role in expression?

My artwork has been done by several artists both male and female. All of my pieces have meaning, in expressing a little part of me. I find that not everyone can or does know much about me or about people. I find that by putting what I like or love on my body, visible for most to see, starts a conversation. Of course most have their own feelings, not always pleasant, but that’s fine its their own opinion. My tattoos express my likes and loves in life.

I’m a walking canvas, so why not fill it up. I have a side piece that I had done, when my adopted brother, who was mentally challenged, passed away. (Flowers and Filigree) I have another side piece that is flowers as well, that one just represents the beauty in the small things. I have a quote that starts with the name of one of my daughters on my inner wrist (R) and proceeds up the inner arm to the other inner arm down to the other wrist (L), telling them how much I love them. The quote is, “Upon a whisper you came to me, from the moon and stars is where you’ll always be.” Just in case I don’t say it they will always see it and read it. I have a quote on my upper back that expresses how I feel about love and life. “Let your heart run wild and your soul run free.” It then proceeds to the back piece which is a dream catcher. That serves to remind me that, evil will come my way, I and only I can filter it and make myself stronger. I have a quote on my chest that reminds me that even if we fall off course, in life we are never truly lost and to keep going. “Not all those who wander are lost.” Which will eventually turn into another full sleeve. Just time and funds is holding me back Lol.

The one on the back of my neck is motivation to keep writing and expressing my love for things, and to remind myself that I can not let my past define me. It’s a compilation of my life events written in a fiction and non-fiction format. My left arm half sleeve is flowers in a water color format. My left leg and foot tattoo is again flowers and filigree. My very first tattoo is on my right ankle. Its of a hummingbird. My mother took me to get it the day I turned 18. I had no idea what I wanted, but she was excited so I went.

UR : Could you explain your musical interests and touch on how music has connected with you over the years.

My musical interests are very diversified. I literally love everything and listen to everything. Music is food for the soul. I love everything from the 40’s to present. I love classical, Opera, country, Jazz, Bluegrass, Rock, Classic Rock, Metal, Soul, R&B, hip hop, and alternative Rock, The list goes on and on. Some of my favorite singers and composers range from Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Cyndi Lauper, Madanna, Michael Jackson, Luke Bryan, and Blake Shelton to The Cadillac Three and many other bands that I love listening to. Five Finger Death Punch has got to be my favorite band to listen to.

I love my 1915 Victrola, the tunes, the lyrics, the scratch and pop of the records, playing through the sound of a horn, I cant explain the feeling it gives, it is just soul filling to me. The music I listen to all depends on the moods of the days. Sometimes ill bounce around from one to the other. Growing up I was an extreme introvert. If people looked at me, I would turn all sorts of red and shy away. Music was my saving grace. I somehow was able to connect to the lyrics, the beats, the sounds, the way it made me feel. I felt connected and was able to visualize, putting myself right there in the lyrics, and somehow my days would get better. Throughout my awkward adolescence, music fueled my soul. Growing up I would listen to oldies, 80’s, and country. It wasn’t until my high school years and after, that I fully delved into music from all other genres. Today it’s still the same as an adult, my love for all genres of music still flows through me, except now I have two daughters that share the same love for music. We dance around the house as the music flows through our souls. Music has been apart of my life and will always be.

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