2nd Edition of INK’D REVOLUTION featuring Alyssa Nordstrom and Alexis King

By: Tony Osuchowski


Alyssa Nordstrom is a 33 year old artist from L.A., California, and wife of Aaron Nordstrom, frontman for the band Gemini Sydrome. Alyssa grew up in Austin and San Antonio, Texas. Citing that she recalls wanting to be an artist as far back as she can remember, whether it was coloring books, or doing her own face painting with markers and fingernail polish, as a toddler.

Alyssa’s repertoire of talents as an artist range from body art, to pin up model, to painter, as well as burlesque dancer. She keeps herself busy with her passion for art, and describes herself in her own words, as, ” an artist documenting my life’s journey through my art.” Alyssa’s creative side is not limited to the before mentioned areas, as she is also a creative writer for Guiding Sirens, a film director at Push Evolution, and artist at Push the Girl. There are many avenues of expression for Alyssa, in which it is easy to see her many talents shine through, all equally deserving of kudos.

Could you explain the importance of how your artwork has played a role in self expression? Your own as well as possibly empowering others in their own expression.?
Artwork is apart of getting out what is going on inside the same as providing that visually for others who need it for themselves. I enjoy making art for people to collect and be shared in their homes. It seems to be that I gather much enthusiasm from those collectors  who enjoy my art and they range all over the U.S. On this level, making art becomes important for me on a professional level, because it’s apart of my legacy living on and beyond my years.



Could you explain your musical interests and touch on how music has connected with you over the years?
My music interests has played a massive importance to my life in every aspect. I believe learning how to play music, like art, develops parts of our brains which allows us to identify to the world on a grander level of higher consciousness. I’ve been playing music since childhood and my scope of genres is still as eclectic as I grow older. As music grows older itself, I find myself exploring different sounds while escaping to the oldies of my youth. For the years I’d love to reminisce in from time to time. I think that’s important just like holding onto sketches in a portfolio. Shows you how far you’ve come.

Lexi is 19 years old from a small town in Iowa. She was really big into music at an early age. Her dad introduced her to hard rock, he would burn her cds and she would go upstairs lay on her bed and listen to the songs. “I loved it so much that I wanted to start playing guitar. I’ve been playing now for 8 years I’ve tried all genres but by far my favorite is hard rock. I’ve worked with my dad for Uncivil Revolt being the camera girl, there was even some times I would interview the band. I absolutely love going to concerts from big names you’ve heard to bands that are local you can catch me at a show every weekend with my dad.”

Could you explain how artwork has played a role in your expression?
For my first tattoo I wanted a skull because I love skulls, they represent that this is how everyone looks like when we die that we’re all the same. I not only just wanted to get a skull I wanted it to look very feminine, but badass at the same time. I hadn’t planned on adding color but the tattoo artist told me it would make the tattoo pop, so I got this really pretty blue. I debated on this tattoo for a long time because I had a lot of ideas but I just couldn’t figure out the right style for me. I had it done on my arm because eventually I want it to be a whole sleeve, luckily my tattoo artist was very helpful and very talented, thanks Pete!


Tell us about your musical intrests and how much music has connected with you over the years?
I listen to all forms of music depending on my mood. Music has helped me through things in my life and it helps me stay positive.  You know when you listen to a song sometimes it brings back good or bad memories, so whenever I feel down I will pick up my guitar and write my own songs. It’s been really cool working with Uncivil Revolt because I get to meet and talk with all of my favorite bands. I really wanna have a job in the music industry because I’ve tried normal jobs and they don’t like girls with bad aditude.


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