Aesthetic Perfectection at the Complex LA with Night Club & Nyxx

Article & Photos by Matt Martinez

Lead singer Daniel Graves started a music project called Aesthetic Perfection, with David Dutton on keyboards and Tim Van Horn on drums. They synthesized their type of Industrial music to The Complex LA in Glendale, Calif., wrapping up their six week Industrial Pop Tour. The Complex LA is a small club that is a standing room only. It allows the audience to get right up to the edge of the stage while immersing them as part of the band. Opening for Aesthetic Perfection and touring with them is singer Nyxx, while Night Club joined them for this Los Angeles stop.


Selling out the venue for the final show on the tour, the night began with Nyxx. She is a female singer that brought Goth Pop to the stage. Nyxx was a unique performer to watch as she had no backing band, but had a pre-recorded instrumental section playing over the speakers. Nonetheless, it did not hinder or take away from her performance at all. This was Nyxx’s first tour but she performed like a seasoned singer on stage drawing the audience in with songs from her debut EP, Nightmare.  She danced on stage with her wickedly sultry moves seducing the audience with passionate lyrics. Although this was her first tour, Nyxx left a lasting impression on the audience who were hypnotized to see more.

Next up, we had Night Club, who joined the tour for the last two shows. The band embodies female singer Emily Kavanaugh and keyboardist Mark Brooks, bringing some Darkwave Synthpop to the Complex LA. The energy that this duo brought to the show was one so enigmatic that I do not think the audience was quite ready for it. Coming out hard and fast, this two-man band blew up the stage with some in-your-face music and personas.


They played their hits like “LoveStruck,” “Bad Girl,” and covered INXS’s “Need You Tonight” with such an enticing tone that I feel Michael Hutchence would be proud. Kavanaugh was all over the stage and nearly over the audience. If you were a patron in the room, you were going to experience Night Club. Brooks, who held down the beat in the back, was grooving to the music with a leather jacket and shades on, personifying the coolest guy in the room. Even though Night Club joined in for these last two tour-dates, I believe they left their mark on the tour and the venue. This was one duo the audience will not be forgetting.


Two bands down and one band left to go; the audience was waiting in anticipation for what felt like eons. The headliner was milking the audiences’ desire to see them for everything that it was worth. With the lights finally turned off, the crowd screamed as the venue tech walked on stage and plugged a cable back in. Apparently, a member of the audience kicked a cable out.

Now you would think that this false start would have stolen the moment, but it did not. The lights went out a second time and the audience screamed even louder. Then the lights came up and there stood Aesthetic Perfection.  Daniel Graves in a Fedora and a sequin blazer. Opening the show strong with “Spilling Blood,” Graves had a huge smile and smirk on his face. His charisma just flowed out into the audience, keeping them drawn to him like moths to their aesthetic flame for the entire show. David Dutton playing on a keyboard that spins brought more character to his performance as he kept the melodies strong. Meanwhile, Tim Van Horn jumped around his drum set blasting the audience with deep beats and crashing cymbals.




Never slowing their show down or letting the audience’s energy die down, the set moved through hit songs like “Big Bad Wolf,” “Antibody,” & “The New Black.” Unlike the other bands, Aesthetic Perfection came out for an encore. Finishing the night off strong with “Spit it Out,” the guys brought the house down and left hearts yearning for more.

Routinely with all good things, no one was ready for this show to end and this photographer definitely wanted to click for more. This was my first time experiencing any of these bands live and each one has made it on my radar for future performances. All three bands performed with such draw that you cannot help but continue to blast their music out of your car on the drive home, trying to recapture a piece of the moment that you had just hours before.

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