AraPacis Album review

By: Larry Toering

AraPacis have been through some changes to arrive at where they are today, a female fronted metal band from Montreal, and that alone adds interest to their story, as well as so much to catch up with it’s hard to interduce them without looking back a little ways. ADA is as good a place to start as any. This features not only the wife of band leader Jerry Fielden, who goes by Shelle McPherson. But it also includes Deep Purple keyboard player Don Airey on the most excellent “Tearing The Mist.” Which he made a grand effort in providing a searing solo to go on top of this already epic, bone crushing track. This is such a great solo it would defy most he’s done with Deep Purple if they were to hear it. And Jerry himself is a consummate pro who is very focused on his projects and an overall very productive artist and person. But that is just one selling point of the ADA album, as it contains nothing short of edge ridden riffs, melodies and vocal acrobatics all layered very nicely. This is no ordinary hard rock band. They’re worth your attention as they take no prisoner hence forth.

Stand out tracks are, first of all, the opener “Sorrow Of The Lost War” which sports a frenetic riff from Fielden that harks back to 80s metal, and shows some of their Canadian rock roots. It reminds of bands like Helix and Riot, to name a couple. Only they blow them all away with mass energy, even bands like Raven and Anthrax couldn’t keep up with them. This is all sealed by the vocals which give it an accessibility they never had, as well as a strong cultural appeal. And it doesn’t stop there, as tracks like “Godless” with its heavy bass line and quirky death-metal vocal parts to give it a sound like no other, to go with the otherwise beautiful vocal delivery. Undeniably captivating stuff. As are the rest of the tracks, including the melancholy ballad “Iron Heart” and the hard, classic rocking of “I’m Free Now,” with its funky jamming. Watch for a review of their follow up and subsequent releases.

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