Media Downfall release video for ‘Sacrifice’

Drawing inspiration from several decades of music; Media Downfall’s sound is both nostalgic and contemporary.

Their music has a raw, metallic grit; while still retaining the soul and spirit of classic rock and roll. They stand on the forefront of a coming music revolution; one which values heart and integrity over smoke and mirrors.

Showcasing their musical talents; Media Downfall write guitar driven, vocal oriented, hard-hitting, Rock Music.

With thier debut album they share the experience of others along with their own take on life.

Media Downfall dropped their very first single “Sacrifice”  featuring footage from Ventura County Firefighter Mike Fuller ‘s personal videos and images. This single is dedicated to him, as well as the Ventura County Fire Department for their hard work and sacrifice.

Learn more about Media Downfall with the links below:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Instagram | Soundcloud

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