The Afterimage Premieres First New Track Since 2015: Band begins new chapter with the single “Pursue”

The Afterimage burst onto the national scene with their Tragic Hero Records debut EP in 2015, “Lumiere”. They hit the road with bands like Invent, Animate and ERRA, then remained fairly quiet until now. The Afterimage is excited to start their next chapter with the single “Pursue”.
The song is deeply personal to the band and is one which fans will be able to relate. Vocalist Kyle Anderson explains, “[Pursue] is a song about an individual who has poured out their everything into their significant other only to receive negativity in response.  This is their personal journey and a outline of the steps taken to recover.”

For this recording, the band was excited to work again with Jordan Valeriote. As Anderson shared, “His work was very well received in the past and we are extremely comfortable working with him.” Not only will the track be a transition to the new record, it’ll also be the debut of the band’s new guitarist, Asher Ally. ”

Details on an upcoming full length record will be available at a later date. “Pursue” is  available now on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp.

About The Afterimage

Afterimage: “An impression of a vivid sensation (especially a visual image) retained after the stimulus has ceased.” One of the major goals of the band The Afterimage is just that, to leave listeners with a lasting impression or sensation after listening to their music.

Taking cues from multiple genres and vastly different influences, Toronto, Canada’s The Afterimage, is ready for fans to hear their new sound after a brief hiatus. The band was originally formed back in 2012 with Kyle Anderson (vocals) and Dallas Bricker (bass). Rob Zalischi (drums), Sam Jacobs(guitar)  and Michael Leo Valeri (guitar) all joined at various times in 2013 and the line-up was then set. The band cites influences from bands like Dance Gavin DanceThe 1975, and Hands Like Houses. They also pull metal influences from TesseracT, Meshuggah, The Contortionist and The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza.

The Afterimage got into the studio in 2012 and worked with Jordan Valeriote at Sundown Studio (Intervals, Structures, Dead & Divine, Silverstein) to release their debut EP “Formless”. The EP produced 4 singles and helped land them on multiple tours around Canada. The band has toured with Three Crowns, Beheading of a King & Take The Earth Beneath Us.

In late 2013 after getting off the road, the band had personal obligations with school, work and family but that didn’t keep them from writing new material. In 2015, The Afterimage signed to Tragic Hero Records and is ready with the help of the label backing them to take their music to the next level and pursue music full time. The band released their new EP “Luminere” on August 28th. The album (engineered by Valeriote at Sundown Studios and Nick Sampson at Metro 37 Studios, and mixed and mastered by Kris Crummett at Interlace Audio) showcases the band’s focus on melody and dynamics and strives to evoke an emotional experience from listeners.

After staying quiet after touring in support of the record, The Afterimage released their first new track, “Pursue”, in two years in March 2017.

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