Album Review – Falling in Reverse: “Coming Home”

Falling in Reverse

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

A band always has a signature sound. It is like when you put on a record, you almost immediately know exactly who is playing. I can tell if it is an AC/DC record based on Brian Johnson and Bon Scott’s raw screaming, and their simplistic hard rock music. When a band decides to abandon their signature style, for something new and experimental, the risk is great. It can be either a hit or a bust. Young rockers Falling in Reverse have decided to explore new charters in music. Known for post hardcore and metalcore technique, they opted for something more progressive and spacey. That is the kind of sound they are going for with their 4th release, Coming Home. While I do prefer their old sound, I went into this album with an open mind and ears. The result: I heard something wonderful.

Falling in Reverse
New album Coming Home featuring the single ‘Coming Home’ available now on Epitaph Records. Get the CD for $9.99 at Target or Best Buy.


Starting things off with the title track, “Coming Home,” the song has a grand, epic tone that touched my heart. Vocalist Ronnie Radke has reached new heights with this song, as well as the other songs. This is the first album to feature new lead guitarist Christian Thompson and bassist Zakk Sandler. Thompson joined the band back in 2015, and he is fantastic performing some blazing solos. This album does a particularly good job of blending electropop, space rock, and progressive rock with their post-hardcore style. I also detect a hint of folk rock in “I Hate Everyone.” Fret not; they still bring some much needed metallic crunch with “Hanging On,” where Thompson provides a fantastic solo. Drummer Ryan Seaman creates some neat drum tracks that go along with the band’s new direction.

Falling in Reverse
Radke’s songwriting has matured on Coming Home. His words are full of angst, heartbreak, and humor. I particularly liked the writing in the song, “Fuck You and All Your Friends.” With lyrics like “You think you’re so goddamn cool; Everybody thinks you’re a fucking fool,” I actually laughed. This song, while funny, can also strike a chord with someone who has been in similar situations. I really enjoyed the progressive style of the song, “Superhero.” My favorite song was the closer, “The Departure.” It has a very Deftones like sound; futuristic with a dark, poppy overtone.

Overall, Coming Home is a triumphant stride for Falling in Reverse. Radke took the bull by the horns and conquered the beast, by providing the world with so much longer than 8 seconds of a masterful musical ride. I wished they did not stray too far from their post-hardcore style, but I dug what they created. Some fans will love it, while others might despise it. However, we can all agree that Falling in Reverse is evolving into something greater than what they started out as. I thought Radke wrote some ostentatious songs, which would put him in the same league as other songwriting legends, such as Bob Dylan and David Bowie. This is simply the beginning of bigger things to come. To Falling in Reverse, I salute you. Horns up!!! 8.8/10

01. Coming Home
02. Broken
03. Loser
04. Fuck You And All Your Friends
05. I Hate Everyone
06. I’m Bad At Life
07. Hanging On
08. Superhero
09. Straight To Hell
10. I Don’t Mind

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