Artist to Watch: Canadian Hard Rockers Sumo Cyco

Sumo Cyco

By Matt “Rabit” Martinez

Two years ago, independent punk metal rockers Sumo Cyco put up a Pledge Music page to help raise money for their second studio album, Opus Mar. The Canadian-born band is made up of lead singer Skye “Sever” Sweetnam, guitarist Matt “MD13” Drake, bassist Ken “Thor” Corke, and drummer Matt Trozzi. Based upon different pledge level amounts, funding the band offered rewards such as a digital download and physical copy of the album, shirts, a one of a kind pin-up calendar of Skye Sweetnam, along with other fan paraphernalia. The band hit their goal early and quickly surpassed it raising 260% of the money they needed.

Since 2011 after coming across what most people would consider a rather unflattering YouTube video they continued to press on. However, the exception to the video was the fact that it was posted by the band on their own YouTube page. In essence, it was a behind-the-scenes clip of their lead singer, Skye Sweetnam, who happened to get hit in the head by a ceiling fan while shooting the music video for the then single “Interceptor.” Instantly, this video went viral and could be found on multiple social media platforms. Naturally, it too caught the intrest of many,  and urged everyone to check out the band; a choice people are glad to followed-through with. Essentially, watching the video for “Interceptor” drew people in immediately with the hard rock guitar licks, driving drums and basslines, along with Skyes rocker voice.


Later in 2014, Sumo Cyco released their first LP Lost in Cyco City and a slew of hit singles like “The Ugly,” “Brave,” and “Fighter.” The band is an independent rock band that independently funds and creates everything themselves. Shockingly, I have never seen a band release a music video for every single song on their CD and yet somehow, Skye and crew would spend weeks putting together unique one-of-a-kind sets in their homes just to be able to put out more content. Clearly, they are a band who stands true to their values of purely wanting to make gnarly music and produce vivid content for their die-hard fans’ entertainment.

Meanwhile, as fans of Sumo Cyco awaited their new album, the band did put out two singles “Anti-Anthem” and “Move Mountains.” Each single brought the hard rock sound that fans craved. “Anti-Anthem” boasts a strong message for people who do not feel like they belong; that they can still be strong and find their own way in life. Hands down, this is my favorite song to blast out of my car while driving down the freeway from the new CD. The second single, “Move Mountains”, brought in featured guest singer Benji Webb of Skindred and overall the song is a big self-empowerment track with the message of: no matter what is in your way, no matter what people have done to you, you can move mountains and you can overcome. Having Benji Webbe infuse his reggae/nu metal vocals into the song makes it so that you just cannot stop your head from banging to this track.

Finally on March 31st, the album fans have been waiting for was released. Opus Mar hit shelves and with it brought a new sound and energy to the band. The album cover is a picture of a train speeding down the railways in which the imagery translates perfectly to the success of the band as they are ever-growing and speeding towards their future with their new hits. Every track was written by Skye & Matt who are starting to find their voices in this world and are layering the album with relevant songs that connect to their fans such as “Passengers” and “Kids of Calamity.” “Passangers” hits on topics of the world moving around you while we just sit in the passenger seat watching it happen. Meanwhile, “Kids of Calamity”, brings attention to the new generation being able to start new movements that bring real change to the world.

Sumo Cyco continues to bring their style of in-your-face rock with their new album, Opus Mar. The album is now available on iTunes, Google Play, and many other music platforms. Ideally, one should also tune into their first album Lost in Cyco City, as this is a great introduction to the band. Skye and the boys are currently touring Europe andpeople wait with bated breath for the next time they will be coming to the states.

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