Album Review: Volumes, Different Animals

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

One of the most popular forms of heavy metal today is one that I have been getting increasingly interested in: djent. According to Wikipedia, it is defined by the high-gain, distorted, palm-muted, low-pitch guitar sound. Some of the bands that are known for revolutionizing this sound are SikTh, Once Human, and Meshuggah. Recently, a group out of Los Angeles, Calif., has been making a splash in the djent scene. Dubbed Volumes, they are known for combining djent with elements of metalcore, nu metal, and groove metal. Volumes have recently crafted a new album, their first one with a new melodic singer and new label. Released under Fearless Records, the album is called Different Animals.

What is intriguing about this album is that it is a true hybrid. The mixture of groove and metalcore with djent seriously kicks ass. Dual vocalists Gus Farias (unclean/rap) and Myke Terry (clean/melody) do a marvelous job splitting up the lyrics between each other. On the first single, “Feels Good,” Terry’s smooth singing goes over well with Farias’ screaming. It sounds like Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and Pantera’s Phil Anselmo joined forces to give us a rip-roaring pleasure dome with a hint of pop tastiness. This is Terry’s first album with Volumes since joining the band back in 2016, and I believe he brings a reserved vocal technique that blends nicely with the aggressive nature of the music. It is evidenced in the song, “Finite.” Farias is able to combine the screamo trend with a hip-hop flow. While he belts out the words, he can bust out a rhyme beautifully.

Guitarist Diego Farias, Gus’ brother, has unique style of playing his axe. His distorted playing gives the riffs a bounce, like it is almost danceable. I like how it sounds ruthless, but delightful at the same time. On the track, “Pulling Shades,” Diego pulls off a miraculous solo that is short but sweet. Drummer Nick Ursich and bassist Raad Soudani do a marvelous job performing some awe-inspiring rhythms. Their groove-driven breakdowns are what gave this album, as well as Volumes, its crafty edge. Gus even shares rap duties with guest rapper Pouya on the popular song, “On Her Mind.” This is probably the best tune off the record I loved the combination of all three vocalists; they all meshed perfectly to create a stellar song. They end things with the ultra-violent “Left For Day.” Both Gus and Terry slay at the roaring out the words to the top of lungs.

At the end, I felt like punching a boxing bag because Different Animals reawakened the fighter inside of me. This unbelievably vibrant album screams bloody murder, while at the same time calms my senses. I enjoyed the synergy of both vocalists. They each brought their own distinctive method of singing to deliver a knock-out punch. With the help of Fearless Records, Volumes has let the beast loose, and there is no way it is going back in its cage. These guys are helping reshape the future of heavy metal. Explosive riffs, down-and-dirty grooves, and righteous lyrics make Different Animals a must own record. To Volumes, I salute you. Horns up!!! 9.5/10

Purchase Here:http://www.volumesba

1. Waves Control
2. Finite
3. Feels Good
4. Disaster Vehicle
5. Pieces
6. Interlude
7. Hope
8. Tide’s Change
9. On Her Mind (Feat. Pouya)
10. Heavy Silence
11. Pulllin’ Shades
12. Left For Dead

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