Artist to watch: Nikki Stringfield “As Chaos Consumes”

Nikki Stringfield

It comes to no suprise that this incredible guitarist would come into her own. From Femme Fatale to an Iron maiden she has proving to the world that she is a force not to be stopped.  Nikki Stringfield is a guitarist from Red Oak, Texas who moved to Los Angeles, California in 2012 to pursue music. After graduating from The University of Texas with a degree in Radio/TV/Film and interning at Warner Bros. Music, she joined LA based metal band Before The Mourning and the world’s only female tribute to Iron Maiden, The Iron Maidens. Since then, she has toured worldwide, joined forces with Femme Fatale, guitarist Brad Jurjens, and shared the stage with many other acclaimed artists. Nikki also won Guitar World’s “Model Search” contest and was featured in the Guitar Review Guide for 2015.

Nikki’s debut single, “As Chaos Consumes,” is now available on all major digital retailers and the video can be seen below:


Nikki Stringfield
The song is Nikki’s very first original track to feature her vocals.
“As Chaos Consumes”
was produced and engineered by Brad Jurjens, and it was mixed and mastered by Jesse Billson. Bass and additional guitars were laid down by Brad Jurjens.





For more information on NIKI please use the links below:

Twitter: nikki_shreds
Instagram: nikki_stringfield

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