B-Mac Chat with Theresa Jane “TJ” of The Nearly Deads

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

When I went to see The Nearly Deads play at the Slidebar in Fullerton, Calif., on May 7th, I was blown away frontwoman Theresa Jane, aka TJ. She has this amazing voice and incredible stage persona that fits in well with the band’s style. The way she commands the crowd is so unreal. I love how she has embraced alternative rock with some grunge and pop-punk. I had the pleasure of chatting with her outside the venue. It was a cold night for May, but our conversation was worth freezing our asses off.

Listen to the full Interview below:

The first obvious question was where the name The Nearly Deads came from. TJ told me the name pays homage to the state of Florida, where the band formed. “Home of the newlyweds and the nearly deads,” as she puts it. She would go on to tell me how me how the group came together and moved to Nashville, Tenn., to start making music. She also mentioned that before she came to join the band, their original sound was very progressive. Seeing as she is influenced by punk rock and simple melodies, they changed their sound to be more radio friendly. They decided to release new music as an EP, Revenge of the Nearly Deads, because they wanted only good songs to give the fans. They hope to release a full-length LP in the near future. TJ mentioned they did a Pledge Music fund to record the EP; it is where fans donated money to a group so they can fulfill the project they want to do.

Theresa Jane “TJ” of The Nearly DeadsShe writes songs that are basically about the band’s journey to get to where they are. So far, the fans have been responding to the new songs very positively. It was their first time touring with the other bands, Eyes Set To Kill and Bad Seed Rising. TJ loves touring with other bands that are fronted by other females. The fans loved this lineup. I would mention that I am a huge supporter of female-fronted rock groups. We would go on talking about our love Freddie Mercury and Queen. Her favorite song was “Bohemian Rhapsody,” while mine was “The Show Must Go On.” While she does not know if they will release an full album, she believes that the horizon for the Nearly Deads looks good.

I loved talking with TJ. She is very giddy and full of life. It is always nice to see women playing rock music and not bubble gum pop. To each his own, but that is my preference. Not only does she sound good, but the band totally rocks. To tour is all wrapped up now, and their next stop will be the Chippewa Valley Festival in Cadott, Wisc., this July. Revenge of the Nearly Deads is now out and I would really recommend giving it a listen to. To Theresa Jane, thanks for the chat, and I salute you. Horns up!!!

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