Fathom Farewell Release Video “Take This World”

Fathom Farewell
Thom Roy/Bass Jesse Ljunggren/Guitar Alex Cohen/Vocals Justin Medas/Drums

Rock/Bluescore artists Fathom Farewell release the video for their song Take This World.

We put a whole lot of time into this song and video combined. Fathom Farewell was a somewhat different band when we initially recorded the song, yet throughout the process of building this work we have the pleasure of presenting to you today, we have grown into something that we believe will make a difference for people craving a response to the environment in which we currently reside. Our aim with this video is to let people know that we are all in this together, we all suffer, we all crave the next step or something that can truly satisfy whatever gap may be left inside of us, and we all inevitably struggle together.

Take This World is off Fathom Farewell’s new EP Decomposition which is out now.

Fathom Farewell are a Rock n Roll/Bluescore outfit out of Worcester, Massachusetts. With their unique blend of metal, blues and rock n roll they have been travelling the east coast, bursting onto the stage aflame with an energy like no other.

Fathom Farewell
Thom Roy/Bass..Jesse Ljunggren/Guitar..Alex Cohen/Vocals..Justin Medas/Drums

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