St.Louis Metal: Hallow Point releases Beyond Our Name

Katrina Kohlman

Hallow Point has released their follow up to Veil of Reality! From St.Louis Missouri,Hallow Point played KC RockFest in 2016 and this year nabbed the top spot in the St.Louis finals to open for Metallica. For the EP’s release Hallow Point went out for their first tour supporting Final Drive to promote the new music. The five song EP is a great little dose of metal, even better than the first. When I first saw Hallow Point they really got my attention, their technical game is on and the energy they bring is strong. They are a tough act follow  and since the last EP, they have only grown stronger. Hallow Point’s older sound resides in the same vain as KSE or Lamb of God. With the Beyond Our Name,they have created layers and levels to dominate the ear, working with different elements across the metal genre to create interesting and compelling riffs.

One thing that has stepped up Hallow Point’s game was the addition of the bassist Brandon. He brings all the bad ass, bass skills but also provides the clean vocals and I’ll be honest, I’m not always a huge clean vocal fan, I was kind of concerned with the new sound my first time through but quickly got over it and let HP take me on the journey they intended for and it is five songs of outstanding. They get it, all the way through and it is engineered well. Most fans seem to agree the song Blistering is their fav on the EP and you can see why, the song starts with authority and contrasts with a more epic, ballad sounding core and a great perfectly placed guitar solo. I find myself really enjoying Acedia, it is just straightforward heavy and satisfying. If you’re looking for that new band to play over and over get Hallow Points Beyond Our Name!

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