This weeks Top 10 Hard Rock list: 6/28/17

Uncivil Revolt's weekly top 10

6/28/2017 – We here at UR are going to be sharing a top 10 list of a mix Rock, Hard Rock and Metal every Wednesday. This week you can check out the top songs and or videos from some of the biggest acts and some of the best smaller ones. Let’s begin shall we..

10.  One Less Reason“Break Me” …   Memphis is the birthplace of rock. And the best rock music, even music as hard as One Less Reason’s unique brand of literate, heartfelt hard rock, comes from the soul.

9.  Dayshell“Low Light”  …  Southern California lights up with Dayshell’s own brand of Alt rock.

8.  Metallica – “Now That We’re Dead”   …  It’s Metallica, what else do you need to know?

7.  Them Evils“She Got Nothin’ ”   …  Rock n’ Roll out of Orange County, California. THEM EVILS are a late-night joyride through rock and roll’s seedy underbelly.

6.  MOSCOW“Queen Of Sin”  …  Just breaking into her 20s and breaking into the music world, she is wise beyond her years. “We all have God and the devil in us.”

5.  The Pretty Reckless – “Oh My God ”  … Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless are back and tearing it up once more.

4.  Throw The Fight“Bury Me Alive”  …  Throw the Fight are back. The band will released its new album Transmissions via Bullet Tooth on April 8.

3.  Motionless In White“LOUD”   …  “That’s what we’re encouraging. We want to give people something to latch on to away from life’s bullshit. I hope they walk away feeling their love for music was either restored or upheld.” – Motionless In White

2.  Mastodon – “Steambreather”  …  Art is a cyclical beast. The same can easily be said of Grammy Award nominated hard rock juggernaut Mastodon.

1.  Stone Sour“Song #3”  …  When he’s not arguing about Nickleback Corey and Stone Sour are cranking out the tunes.

We hope you will enjoy our top 10 every week and please share with your friends and other music fanatics!

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