Adrenaline Mob Brings Adrenaline To Fullerton

Adrenaline Mob

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy…Photos by Matt “Rabit” Martinez

This is the last review before tragedy struck Adrenaline Mob this past week. The thoughts and prayers of all of us here at Uncivil Revolt are with the family and Adrenaline Mob .

The first time I saw Adrenaline Mob was in 2013. They were playing with Nothing More and Blackmore. It was originally a supergroup comprising of members from Symphony X, Dream Theater, and Disturbed. They were filled with angst, passion, and a tendency to metal people’s faces off with their hard hitting lyrics and epic guitar playing. When original drummer Mike Portnoy left the band, he was replaced by Twisted Sister’s own A.J. Pero. Unfortunately, while they were on tour in 2015, Pero passed away on the tour bus from a heart attack. With so many ups and downs, Adrenaline Mob has returned with a brand new album, We The People, and a new drummer and bass player. So, of course, Matt Martinez and I went to see them play at the Slidebar in Fullerton, Calif. It was time to reconnect with the Mob.

The Wild!

Touring with Adrenaline Mob was The Wild! from Kelowna, British Columbia. I was intrigued to their sound and approach. Led by vocalist/lead guitarist Dylan Villain, The Wild! is a hybrid group that combines hard rock and rockabilly. They are a mixture of Volbeat and the Stray Cats. With matching sleeveless denim jacket vests, they had the music to go with the looks. Villain has a strong voice that carries throughout the room. While he riffs some fantastic solos, the rhythm guitarist, who known only as The Kid, rocks it out some gorgeous riffs of his own. They were equipped with some vibrant tunes like “Ready to Roll,” “Livin’ Free,” and “Party Til You’re Dead.” Their drummer, Reese Lighting, was an animal behind the kit, while their bassist, Lucas ‘Boozus’, locked it all in place with his boogie-woogie beats. The Wild! lived up to their and charmed the crowd with a delightful set list. They just released their sophomore record, Wild at Heart, which I am sure to check out. All hail The Wild!

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Adrenaline Mob
After 4 years, the time had come to reemerge with the Mafia of heavy metal. Adrenaline Mob kicked things off appropriately with the opener, “Mob Is Back.” Frontman Russell Allen has one of the most lavishing and dominant vocals in heavy metal. It felt so good to see him live again. Guitarist Mike Orlando is a sorcerer on the guitar, dispersing solo after solo. After the song “Chasing Dragons,” he ripped one sick-ass solo that went through our ears like tissue paper. The new made guys in Adrenaline Mob include bassist David Zablidowsky (Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Jeff Scott Soto band) and drummer Jordan Cannata. They both brought new life to the band with their exhilarating performance. After playing the cover “Rebel Yell,” Allen told how he believes that the spirit of Pero told him to check out Cannata as a replacement. When he lunged into an assaulting drum solo, his energy was unparalleled. Zablidowsky even started up his own solo with Cannata, and he just blew me away big time. They had a good mixture of songs from all their albums, from “Undaunted” to “King Of The Ring” and “Dearly Departed.” The one song that stood out the most was “All On The Line” because Allen dedicated to his child, who has autism. As someone who has Asperger Syndrome, it was close to my heart. They ended the night with a two song encore, both of which were covers, “Devil Went Down to Georgia” by Charlie Daniels and “Mob Rules” by Black Sabbath.

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After the night was over, Matt and I wanted to be made men in this gang. Every song, every note, every chord was played to perfection. Adrenaline Mob is back and better than ever! The Wild! was a unbelievable act that made want to listen to swinging rock ‘n’ roll music from the 1950s. I hope that band comes through again so I can do some swing dancing with a girl. It was another good night the city of Fullerton. The Slidebar never fails to amaze me. To Adrenaline Mob and The Wild!, I salute you. Horns up!!!

I would like to dedicate this article to bassist Dave Z, who has recently pass away from a fatal bus accident in Florida. A truly talented musician, his life was cut short and will be missed. A salute to the rest of Adrenaline Mob, who have been injured as well. RIP Dave Z. Horns up!!!

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