Album Review: Powerflo, Powerflo

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

I have said this many times, supergroups are awesome to watch and listen to. For those who have forgotten, a supergroup is like an all-star band that features different members that came from other acts. The first one to form, that I know of, was Eric Clapton’s Cream. Other supergroups to have emerged over the years, and have achieved great success include A Perfect Circle, Chickenfoot, Audioslave, and Black Country Communion. A new group has come onto the scene ready to mud stomp the competition. From Los Angeles, Calif., I present one of the newest sensations of 2017, Powerflo. With a combination of rap metal, punk, and hip-hop, Powerflo is a group that is very invigorating. Started by Cypress Hill hype man Sen Dog, the band features members from Fear Factory, Worst, Downset, and Biohazard. They have just dropped their self-titled debut, Powerflo, and I was ready to be blown away.

I was not aware that Dog was a fan of heavy metal music. He and his band of sonic madmen capture the essence of rap metal very well. Dog, with his mad rap flow, blends flawlessly with the metal craziness performed by the rest of the guys. Biohazard guitarist Billy Graziadei has an effective style when playing that also matches the aggressive nature of Downset guitarist Rogelio “Roy” Lozano. Both of them perform grand riffs that the listener cannot help but headbang to. From “My M.O.” to “Less Than Human,” Dog throws out lyrics that are brutality honest as well as entertaining as hell. He also pays homage to his hometown of L.A. in “Where I Stay.” Worst drummer Fernando Schaefer is a brute when he is crashing the cymbals and banging the snare with supremacy. Rounding out the group is former bassist for Fear Factory, Christian Olde Wolbers. His flicking of the bass notes knows no bounds.

Most of the songs deal with fighting back against the system, and standing up for your beliefs. The second track, “Resistance,” acts as Powerflo’s first single. Response to the song has been met with both applause and fists in the air. Though this is a much different band from Cypress Hill, leave it to Dog to continue chucking lyrics that celebrate his love for weed. It is clearly demonstrated in the tune, “The Grind.” Every one of their songs shatters the ceiling of heavy metal and shows no limitations to their creativity. There is not a whole lot of guitar solos, but there is a short one on “Start a War” that is a pure, teeth-grinding exhilaration. The best track, from what I have heard and loved, is “Made It This Way.” Dog is so rapid with his words, and the way he chants the chorus makes me want to go and hit a punching bag.

Wolbers said it best in a previous interview, “When you put all us together, it’s a killer recipe.” After listening to Powerflo, I concur with him. Matt Martinez and I actually caught the band play their first show in Santa Ana, Calif., and their sound made me want to mosh in the “wall of death” that night. Metal fans have embraced the new sound that they bring, and they could not get enough of them. Dog is an efficient frontman with crazy skill when his lips touch the mic. This is one album that will be added into my workout playlist, for the next time I hit the gym. If the fans looking for a metal that is new, fresh, and exciting, then look no further. To Powerflo, I salute you. Horns up!!! 9.5/10

01. “My M.O.”
02. “Resistance”
03. “Where I Stay”
04. “Crushing That”
05. “Less Than A Human”
06. “The Grind”
07. “Victim Of Circumstance”
08. “Made It This Way”
09. “Finish The Game”
10. “Up And Out Of Me”
11. “Start A War”

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