Album Review: Screaming for Silence, House of Glass

By Tony Osuchowski, Senior Editor for Uncivil Revolt Magazine

Hello all you Metal mayhem and Rock thunder lovers out there, Tony O here, dusting off my writing fingers to bring you an album review for your consideration. This time around, I have the pleasure to once again be reviewing a band’s work, for a P.R lady that I love to work with. The band is Screaming for Silence. With the earned titles of: Ernie Ball’s Rock on the Range Battle of the Bands winner, and Omaha Arts and Entertainment Awards Hard Rock Band of the Year, I was filled with anticipation, of what they had to offer, with their new album House of Glass.

Starting off with the title track, “House of Glass,” it quickly becomes clear, that these guys take crafting music very seriously. Danny Irwin, and Casey Newsom come in strong, with guitar riffs that grab ahold of you, allowing some of that before mentioned thunder to enter your core. Zeb Christensen belts out some powerful vocals, that are just one piece of the cohesiveness that all the guys of Screaming for Silence contribute to. Matt Tatroe, behind the kit supplies superb beats, along with Colin Smith’s commanding presence on bass, to round out the sound, making an immediate fan out of me.  “House of Glass” delves into that old saying, “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” It explores quite well, that dynamic of human nature, where complacency enters the picture, and some often get caught tangled up in misguided beliefs of self, and how we relate to others. I say kudos to S4S for bringing, powerfully, into light a point that we must all consider.

Next up is “Long Way Up,” another song with a message that is needed to be heard by the masses. Perseverance, fortitude, and determination all lead to the accomplishment of goals. It embodies the very nature behind the words of Confucius when he said, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”  Even though sometimes the “Long way up” is the path chosen, it does not diminish in any way the validity of the overwhelming pride in those victories of life, small or big.

“In your Eyes” displays a continuation of the invigorating, empowerment in their lyrics. Screaming for Silence harnesses the very real essence of how empowerment of one another and self, are both vital to survival. I would further say that Zeb, Danny, Casey, Matt, and Colin are a collective of troubadours, that have inside them, important individual goals, and credos, that compel and drive them, which they in turn bring to the music they craft. A common one, being the creation of perhaps a shift towards becoming overall better humans upon this 3rd rock from the sun.  This is masterfully, and with the heart of warrior poets, relayed in the following sample of lyrics from “In Your Eyes”: “I know you’re suffocating, and there’s no strength to carry on, when your light is slowly fading, I know there is light left in your eyes.” It is as if, there is a channeling of that vibe that Kansas threw out into the world, with the words “carry on my wayward son”

A song with a title that entices one’s imagination, as to what to expect, follows “In Your Eyes,” that being “Beetlejuice.” Staying true to the beats, guitar bridges and overall powerhouse feel, displayed throughout each song thus far, “Beetlejuice” touches on raw truthful lyrics, that pack a poignant punch in their delivery. Expressing all that comes with being faced with the need for detachment from negativity in our lives, this song serves as a reminder of one very important philosophy. The philosophy I refer to is, “To thy own self be true.” To rise above those things that weigh you down, yet more so believing in your capabilities in doing so, and taking charge to do just that. Yet another great offering!

The last track on “House of Glass,” is “Worth Fighting For.” This song is like the culmination of a journey that Screaming for Silence has guided the listener on. Wandering through the proverbial fields of despair, into personal and worldly battlefields, out to those ledges, we as people find ourselves on from time to time; ultimately to find yourself standing in the light of your own personal victory.  “Worth fighting For,” reminds us that personal triumph is something worth fighting for, something that may yield scars, but we should wear them proudly, and keep on moving. Triumph, in the words, “now I can breathe, feet on the floor, finally found what is worth fighting for.” One also comes around to the reality of the law of attraction, if you will, with what is expressed in the words, “Weathering the storm,” and “you get what you deserve.” This album was, and shall be, a journey that I will be glad to embark on again and again, as Screaming for Silence has gained another fan in me.

1. House of Glass
2. Long way Up
3. In Your Eyes
4. Beetlejuice
5. Worth fighting For

“House of Glass” is due out on July 28, 2017, a worthy addition to any collection.  Screaming for Silence is also out on tour, please refer to the picture below for dates and locations.

For more information you can check out the bands website.

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