P.O.D. Comes Alive at the Regent Theater in LA

By Matt “Rabit” Martinez Red Hare Images

When growing up and learning about the world, you tend to favor your hometown teams. Your favorite baseball, basketball, football teams are normally the ones that play in your home state, and there is nothing like going to a live sporting event, surrounded by thousands of fans cheering and rooting for their home town boys. You take pride in being from the same place that these teams are from. The same thing exists in the music industry. When home town heroes P.O.D., Alien Ant Farm, and newly formed super group Powerflo came through Los Angeles, to play the Regent Theater, you could feel the camaraderie of all the local fans, coming out to support these home town musicians.

Kicking off the night was the new super group from Los Angeles, CA calling themselves Powerflo. Comprised of vocalist Sen dog (Cypress Hill), guitarist Billy Graziadei (Biohazard), guitarist Roy Lozano (Downset), bassist Christian Olde Wolbers (x-Fear Factory), and drummer Fernando Schaefer (Worst). Ready to leave their mark on the audience, Powerflo opened their set up with their first single “Resistance.” A strong song about standing up for what you believe in, which has a hook so catchy, that every audience member was singing it, every time it came up. Sen Dog, showed he is still at the top of his game, still rapping through the songs with ease, with a ferocity that had everyone jumping around the venue. Billy Graziadei could not be contained by the small stage space they had, as he flew around playing riff after riff. Keeping the rhythm section strong was Roy Lozano and Christian Olde Wolbers, on guitar and bass respectfully. Even though he was saddled in the back, drummer Fernando Schaefer, was not going to be lost in the melodies. Slamming on his kit and screaming each chorus, he made sure that his presence was going to be known. You can pick up their self-titled debut album now., Powerflo may be a newly formed band, but the tenure and experience these musicians have, will definitely open up many possibilities for them. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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Growing up during the hay day of MTV, there was one band that released one of the best cover songs of the early 2000’s. I’m of course talking about Riverside, CA natives Alien Ant Farm. Not willing to be defined as a one hit wonder, the boys of AAF did have other singles, like “Movies” and “Attitude.” This night the Regent Theatre was amped and ready to rock out to everything that Alien Ant Farm was bringing to them. Lead singer, Dryden Mitchell still has a majestic voice, that tantalizes the audience. He engaged the fans by jumping into the audience at one point, to give the crowd an up close and personal experience. Handling the solo guitar duties is Terry Corso, creating the rhythms and melodies that had many in the audience dancing. Probably the most charismatic character of any of the bands, was bassist Timmy Pee, whose smile was infectious, as he bounced around the stage plucking at his bass. Playing on a sparkling pink drum kit, and owning it, was Mike Cosgrove. Saving their most well-known hit for last, AAF brought the house down with their cover of Michael Jacksons “Smooth Criminal.” As soon as Terry Corso strummed the opening chord and Dryden Mitchell let out the initial scream, the house erupted. Sounding as clean and crisp as they did when they first released the song, every person was singing along to this classic.

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Ready to get their set started and wasting no time, San Diego natives P.O.D. jumped right into their set. Vocalist Sonny Sandoval, is a sight to behold, as he pounds the mic chord against the stage, as if he was doing battle rope exercises. With how much power he puts behind whipping the chord, it kept disconnecting from the cable. This did not distract or take Sonny out of the moment, as the stage techs strengthened the cable to handle the beating that Sonny was putting it through. Guitarist Marcos Curiel and bassist Traa Daniels played off of each other perfectly. Layering the rhythms, as well as letting each other take the lead on certain fills. Sitting behind a drum kit basting the audience in blue light, was Wuv Bernardo. Moving through their set, P.O.D. allowed the tempo and moods of the songs to change from, in your face hard rock songs like “BOOM,” to softer and meaningful songs like “Beautiful,” never losing the attention of the crowd. Walking off the stage, no one was ready for the night to end, as the concert ran well past midnight, and the band was not ready to depart their fans yet either. They were received very well, while returning to the stage, for a three song encore, finally ending with “Alive.”

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Everyone in attendance that night was there to support their home town bands from all across Southern California, and they got their money’s worth, in one hell of a show. New comers Powerflo definitely left an impression, and is gathering a strong following with every new show they play. Alien Ant Farm and P.O.D. work great as a tag team of bands, as they tend to play many shows together, and their unique sounds offer two completely different styles of music. Styles that clearly many a listener can find quite a few songs to enjoy.  To P.O.D., Alien Ant Farm, and Powerflo, I raise a fist to the sky and give you a “Hell Yeah!”

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