Top 10 for the week of 7/06/17

Uncivil Revolt's weekly top 10

Welcome back to our top ten for the week of 7/06/17. Here you can will some of the best new music from Indie to Metal. If it’s new and it rocks we are checking it out. So on with the show…

10.  Royal Blood – “I Only Lie When I Love You”  …  First time listening: Meh, Second time listening: Not bad actually, Third time listening: FUCK yes.

9.  Volumes“Finite”  …  I don’t know whether to dance or headbang, hell let’s do both.

8.  Make Them Suffer – “Fireworks”  …  Make Them Suffer showing progression but you can still hear traits from there earlier records – This is Progression done RIGHT!

7.  Wage War – “Stitch”  …   Try not to headbang challenge. Difficulty level: over 9000

6.  The Pretty Reckless“Back to the River”  …  This is proof that Rock n roll is not dead. They really went for an old school bluesrock sound with this new album.

5.  Hands Like Houses“Drift”   …  From Rise records signing, to Ground Dweller, Unimagine and Dissonants to this! This band has come far.

4.  Greta Van Fleet“Highway Tune”  …  This dudes Dad is Robert Plant….and he dont even know!

3. Bad Cop / Bad Cop“Womanarchist”  …  Punk rock with activism is back!

2.  A Light Divided“Save The Cheerleader, Save The World”  …  Winston-Salem, NC is able to hear them on a regular basis, I think the world should also!

1.  FOZZY“Judas”  …  That guy kinda looks like Chris Jericho!..Hell yes!

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