Album Review: Accept, The Rise of Chaos

Photo by Holger Talinski

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

A lot of bands that have achieved success during the 1980s do not always keep the same level of glory they once had. They either become a cautionary tale for other groups, or end up playing their greatest hits in smaller clubs. However, there are others who have reached the pinnacle of triumph and have managed to stay on top of their game. One example would be Mötley Crüe, who recently decided to retire while still pulling in big crowds. Another band from the 80s that is still in demand and large, is Germany’s own Scorpions. There is one band that has also made it back and not only can still put on stellar performances, and can still create masterful albums. I am talking about Accept. The band from Solingen, Germany, who gave us memorable metal anthems that included “Fast As a Shark,” “Restless and Wild,” and the iconic “Balls To The Wall.” They have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity since their 2010 release, Blood of the Nation. They are at it again with their brand new release, The Rise of Chaos.

With the departure of Accept’s original frontman, Udo Dirkschneider, it was first believed, that their future looked pretty bleak. Then they acquired T.T. Quick singer Mark Tornillo, and he has been like a God send for them. He has a voice that drives my fist in the air, and he sounds phenomenal on this album. They continue to bring metalheads of old and new tantalizing heavy rock that will satisfy even the Balls to the Wall-era fans. The Rise of Chaos comes from the chaos that is caused by mankind. Tornillo pens some fabulous songs, that deals with a variety of chaotic elements, from dysfunctional relationships (“Hole in the Head”), to dealing with violence and destruction (“Die By the Sword”), and letting go of the past (“What’s Done is Done”). He has one of the best creative minds when comes to writing powerful lyrics. My favorite song is “Analog Man” because he hits home, pointing out that we live in a digital world, and the longing, for the simpler times before technology started running our lives.

Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann shreds really great guitar riffs that are full of adrenaline. He has lost a step after many years of playing in Accept. This album is the first to feature new guitarist Uwe Lulis and drummer Christopher Williams, both of whom are excellent additions. Long time bassist Peter Baltes still performs righteous grooves that keep all the songs in check. Of all the Accept albums, I would say that this is probably the most social conscious record they have ever done. It also marks the fourth consecutive album to be produced by Andy Sneap, who just seems to know how to bring it all together. Another favorite is “Koolaid,” which talks about the dangers of cults, especially the Peoples Temple and Jonestown. Potent words from a poet.

This album has it all, bad-to-the-bone guitar licks, brazen lyrics, and boisterous vocals. Accept has done it again. The Rise of Chaos picks up where Blind Rage left off, and continues to carry the band into newfound rock glory. Tornillo and Hoffmann are an effective writing duo who knows what needs to be addressed and how to make it sound first-class. Ever since joining Nuclear Blast over 7 years ago, it has been nothing but good luck. If fans of the band love the old stuff, then they will continue to embrace the new stuff. I cannot wait to hear them live. To Accept, I salute you. Horns up!!! 10/10.

01. Die by the Sword
02. Hole in the Head
03. The Rise of Chaos
04. Koolaid
05. No Regrets
06. Analog Man
07. What’s Done Is Done
08. Worlds Colliding
09. Carry the Weight
10. Race to Extinction

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