Album Review: Bobaflex, Eloquent Demons

By Stephanie Stevens

BOBAFLEX, has been around for a while now, and with this new release coming out, it will be the 8th studio album they have put out. It is my first time, actually sitting down with a whole album of the guys, and digesting it, and I have to say, I apologize for not getting on the bandwagon of fandom sooner. These guys have a good blend of dirty rock style, with a metal attribute, and I love the vocal harmonies happening throughout.

My first introduction to the guys was back in 2014, with I’M GLAD YOU’RE DEADbut I never sat down with a full album from start to finish. So, as you can imagine, when this album fell into my inbox, I took the time to listen, and wow! It’s been a few years, and yet the guys still have the BOBAFLEX sound we’ve come expect and love, but with a little more growth. Still making songs that may have you saying “did he just say that,” this is easy to hear, when you just catch a few lines of the track OFF WITH YOUR HEAD. Musically, it’s low key and has a simple melodic feel, but the lyrics will make you say, “Um OK.” Got to love the subtle humor of the guys. I AM A NIGHTMARE got my attention right from the start, when the harmonies vocally brought me back to a Queen state of mind, and the straight forward rock ‘n’ roll, high energy pattern of the music, just makes it a killer track; probably one of my favorites off the disc. The guys released HEY YOU, the Pink Floyd cover, for the band’s first single and video, and I have to say, in my opinion, I think they did a pretty rad job covering it. I think the vocal pattern stays close to the style of Floyd, and they stay true to the original sound, so good job in that sense. SAY WHAT YOU WILL is another upbeat, guitar driven, spunky track, that really picks up your rock spirit. LONG TIME COMING, the bands second single and video, lyrically speaks upon God, faith and the afterlife, but keeps with the rock attitude and a deeper driving vocal pattern, intertwined with those harmonies that just drive me crazy (in a good way). REAL SADNESS grabs you on a serious note, speaking of personal despair and suicide, and will hit home for a lot of people; especially with the dealings the rock world has come to see in the past year. The song adds a darker and moodier vibe to the record, but fits the story line to a tee. Having this type of change in the vibe of the album, is always a good change of pace on a disc. My favorite of the song is the breakdown; guitar prettiness (can I say pretty for a guitar tone? lol) and when the melody driven vocals come, in it’s just pure heaven.

Overall, BOBAFLEX has got some good, solid rock music, that I am kicking myself for not getting into the groove years ago. For all the old school fans, you are not going to be disappointed by this new album ELOQUENT DEMONS. Be excited for it, ‘cause it’s pretty bad ass.

1. Eloquent Demons (Intro)
2. I Am A Nightmare
3. Long Time Coming
4. Say What You Will
5. Lights Out
6. Real Sadness
7. Off With Your Head
8. Moon And The Shadows
9. Hey You
10. Reckless

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  1. These guys are the hardest working band ive ever known. Their first album is killer, that one or apologize for nothing I my fav. To me these best introduction would be tears drip or turn the heat up. Been a long time fan before they were even known. These guys deserve the best.

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