Album Review: We Are Castor, Doep

By Samantha Schneider

We Are Castor is a Norwegian “genre-confused” music producer and occasionally a band. Their new album DOEP is a massive album that consists of 20 songs that are diverse in sound. This electronic album, is infused with hints of music ranging from rock, jazz and more cultural sounds. The album provides a diverse aspect that appeals to all people.

The band formed in 2010, and prides themselves on having fun while blending genres. The music is inspired by The Black Keys, Muddy Waters, Jack White, The Temptations and more. For a blues inspired background, the music is rather upbeat with more bluesy lyrics. Their previous album Invade and Disco was released in 2014 and consisted of less blues. It is definitely more disco orientated.

Their previous album involved more disco sounds, whereas this album really provided a blues dance vibe. With a lot of electronic style music, the lyrics are usually difficult to understand depending on how the mixing is done. They did a great job with providing some clear and beautiful vocals from both men and women. “This is jealousy and they know it. They can’t handle us and they know it.” It provides the dance aspect along with splashes of vocals you can sing along with.

There are 20 songs on this album and none of them are alike. There are quite a few that stood out for me. “Fuck” feat. Adrian was one of my favorites. The song provided me with light and happy background sound, with blues infused male vocals. It almost reminded me of something Calvin Harris might come up with.

“Conduire” was the first song on the album and it started out with a ZZ Top style guitar and motorcycle sounds. Then it changes a bit and the song gets some intense Lenny Kravitz style electric guitar and then goes back to the ZZ Top sound. For me it was pretty awesome to hear some elements of rock meeting electronic music.

“Cash II” feat. Valeria, is an interesting song instrumentally. It sounds like wind chimes and smooth, and then you get this flute thrown in with these female vocals talking about wilderness. It’s totally bizarre and out of this world cool. “ You believe in fair tales.” She’s almost like a siren telling me that I do believe, and luring me in with her interesting voice. Then the beat drops and you think it won’t flow, based off of the beginning of the song, but something about it makes you want to dance and hear more.

There are a couple other songs that really remind me of Calvin Harris and Coldplay. “Bye” feat. Adrian sounds like fireworks and then goes to Indian style music or maybe a little bit of bluegrass and rock. “Walk” feat. Kristoffer is another one where I hear the Coldplay vibe. It’s a hippie style with birds chirping and harps playing. Then it mashes with electronic sounds and somehow it flows.

There are a number of songs on this album that I don’t understand. I can’t wrap my head around how they created something with such a unique sound. We Are Castor are truly talented, to infuse such culturally diverse genres and somehow create beautiful and fun music. I don’t think I have heard any electronic style remotely similar. I’m going to give this one a 10/10 because it convinced me anything is possible.+

1. Conduire
2. Time feat. GAIA, ToBy
3. Cash II feat Valeria
4. Bye feat Adrian
5. Mojave
6. Vayu
7. La Baleine
8. Tortoise feat. Valeria
9. Smoke feat. Adrian
10. Intermission
11. Rad
12. Winds feat. GAIA
13. Oshun
14. Doep feat. Adrian
15. Williams
16. Work it Alice
17. Incognito
18. Shorty
19. Walk feat. Kristoffer
20. Fuck feat. Adrian

You can find We Are Castor’s music on their Sound Cloud HERE

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