Album Review: Make Them Suffer, Worlds Apart

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

Every reader of Uncivil Revolt knows by now how much I love the metalcore subgenre. It is very extreme in the sense of guitar riffs and gut-wrenching vocals, as well as its classic metalcore breakdown beats. Combine that with the distorted, aggressive growls of death metal, and what you get in return is deathcore. This type of metalcore is making a huge impact in the heavy metal community. One of the bands out there today that is waving the deathcore flag proudly is Make Them Suffer. This is a band originating out of Perth, West Australia, who combines the deathcore brand with symphonic death metal. That is actually pretty cool that they can combine both of the before mentioned heavy styles, and create something beautiful. They have just signed with Rise Records, and have put together, Worlds Apart. It is time to go to the symphony, and bang my head!

Right out of the gate with the opener, “First Movement,” I was immediately sucked into the creative flows of Make Them Suffer. Frontman Sean Harmanis has such a guttural voice, which he uses a tremendous amount of brute force. Booka Nile is their new keyboardist/clean vocalist, and I have to say that her angelic singing blends in nicely with Harmanis’ roars. Her piano skills give the music’s harsh sound a striking overtone. Worlds Apart also marks the debut of bassist Jaya Jeffery, who masters the breakdowns and blasts like a pro. Both he and Nile are excellent choices for additions to the band. Lead guitarist Nick McLernon shreds it up with heavy metallic riffs that send chills down my spine. Mix that with the multitalented drumming of Tim Madden, and they are the reason Make Them Suffer sound so harmoniously good on this album.

Lyrically, they deal with a multitude of subjects, from love to power and redemption. On their lead single, “Fireworks,” it sounds like Harmanis is singing about making things right with someone, and going out in those proverbial flames of glory. The song “Power Overwhelming” adds a little bit of an electronic rock to this album, and gives the song a danceable beat. The best tracks are “Grinding Teeth” and “Midnight Run” because they have a forceful nature in the sound, and they are examples of some real “balls to the wall” heavy metal. I even enjoyed the 2 minute musical interlude, “Contact,” which has a dark ominous melody that gives the listener a chance to catch his/her breath. The album ends on a liberating note with “Save Yourself,” where Harmanis is telling his love that he is sorry for all the pain he has cause, and to save herself from the misery. That is so deep.

This symphonic death metal album just warms up my soul and knee jerks me in the gut. Make Me Suffer is a band I should have been listening to since the beginning. They have a harmonious musical texture that blends well with the beat blasts of deathcore. I would concur that Worlds Apart is their crowning achievement so far. I am checking them out when they come through Anaheim, and I cannot wait to hear them live. It will be a great show for sure, because from listening to this album, I already know of the greatness of their musicianship. To Make Them Suffer, I salute you. Horns up!!! 9.1/10

 01. First Movement
02. Uncharted
03. Grinding Teeth
04. Vortex
05. Fireworks
06. Contact
07. Power Overwhelming
08. Midnight Run
09. Dead Plains
10. Save Yourself

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