Album Review: Weapons of Anew, The Collision of Love and Hate

By Skullgurl Metalchick

I rarely get knocked on my chukkas by a new band, so when I listened to “The Collision of Love and Hate”, the upcoming release from Weapons of Anew, I paid attention.  I get dozens of submissions monthly, featuring undiscovered or unknown bands, and honestly, Weapons of Anew is one of the best metal bands I have heard in eons.  This 5 piece, hailing from the east coast, may have a name that is unfamiliar to metal head ears, but individual band members are well known in the metal music world.  Vocalist Ray West, fronted Spread Eagle, Glam Metal gurus from the 1990’s.  West’s vocal style has both matured and morphed into an omnipotent force, worthy of comparison to Killswitch Engaged crooner, Jesse Leach.  Lead guitarist Freddy Ordine, led New York’s Thrash Metal ensemble, HavocHAte.  Ordine’s lead techniques has evolved from “off the rack” to designer.  Bassist Stefan Reno Cutrup, drummer Chris Manfre and newest member, guitarist Kris Norris, are no musical slouches either, each have solid, pro level band experience.  All five members collectively generate a fascinating, melodic metalcore hybrid not to be underestimated.  “The Collision of Love and Hate” available 9/15/17, is an 8 song in length exploration of malevolence, depravity and musical prowess.

Track #1, Killshot, flies right out of the gate, with a splendidly crafted intro that is dominated by a guitar hook, that dreams are made of.  Lyrically this composition is chock full of quotable lines, “Leaves my bones a little bit hollow”, being my favorite.  The chorus is noteworthy, brimming with the instrumental dissonance, and powerfully growling lead vocals.  “Killshot” is the first single released off “The Collision of Love and Hate”, and solidifies the band as a metal work of art.

Speed, track #2, has a brilliantly crafted guitar intro, bleeding into a solid blast beat complements of drummer Chris Manfre .  The chorus has a highly addictive hook, extenuated by Lead vocalist Ray West’s vocal flexibility. Bassist Stefan Reno Cutrupi, makes his presence undeniable, using a tastefully simplistic approach to help this song reach its full potential. The bridge twists the texture of the song, finishing with unrelenting anger.

Track #3, Blood from Stone, opens with a thrash style guitar intro, pairing with brutal syncopation by drummer Chris Manfe.  This song drips with malice and contempt, thanks to very clever lyrics like, “You’re the enemy that won’t let me be, you’re always trying to get blood from a stone”.  Swirling dual guitar riffs, inject just the right amount of fury during the bridge, to cement this song as a “love to hate you” song.

Awake. Track #4-Begins with a multifaceted intro, featuring a grunge infused guitar line, relenting to clean vocals.   Echoing guitar effects add a touch of loss, and vocal attack in the chorus, adds a vein of anger into this multi textured piece.  The bridge exposes a different framework, emitting a floating, detached vibe, that is threaded with a strikingly poignant guitar line from Freddy Ordine.  The outro of Awake is goose bump inducing.

Song # 5, Sundown, is aggressive and gritty from note #1, a powerhouse of instrumental progressions, that feed the feel of “am I listening to Guns and Roses?”.  The vocal/guitar breakdown is one of song structure gold.  This track is a prime example of all the best, that melodic metalcore has to offer. The bridge flips the soul of the song, from aggression to mindfulness.  This song is just a wicked pleasure.

Brave, track #6, is an undeniable anti-establishment tune, that almost screams “I wanna be, Anarchy”.   Breakdown into the bridge, is riot inciting, complete with megaphone mimicking vocals.  The track is an apparent diatribe about the continuing dysfunction, in the land of the stars and stripes.

7th track, This Moment, opens with haunting vocals, and an intricately spun lead guitar line. The bridge spotlights crazy melodic guitar riffing.  Drummer Chris Manfre usurps the spotlight, with his heavy metal gallop in outro.  This track is a “grade A” specimen of a flawless, metal unrequited love song, so get your lighters ready everyone.

Undone, track #8, digs its claws into your soul, with a melodically original chorus, that stands alone organically.  Front man Ray West, combines his vocal strength with raw emotion. Call and response vocal effects in the bridge, create a guttural vibe. A repetitive outro ensures that this song will be looped in your memory, long after the first listen.

Metal music has a new prodigal son, named Weapons of Anew, so plan accordingly.  The 5 piece scored a primo gig with Tesla, and hits the road starting on 9/19, for an 11 city invasion, get to one of those shows.  I am not kidding my pretties, “The Collision of Love and Hate” is a sure pick for the Skullgurl’s top ten albums that rocked my world.  Don’t you want to know why?  Follow the links I have provided and get the album, get to a show and as always…. BE THE METAL!!

1. Killshot
2. Speed
3. Blood from Stone
4. Awake
5. Sundown
6. Brave
7. This Moment
8. Undone

Weapons of Anew Website | Facebook

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