Artist to Watch: Late Night Fights

By Skullgurl Metalchick

I sometimes forget about how musically diverse, and brimming with talent Minneapolis, Minnesota is.  Yes, Prince hailed from there, Smashing Pumpkins, Morris Day, yeah, the greats.  But does the music Industry turn to Minneapolis for the newest, freshest in music? That would be a loud resounding NOWAY JOSE!  In this Skullgurl’s humble opinion, the world of Metal and Rock do not pay enough attention to the uber talent hidden, by the winding bends of the Mississippi.  My lil dumplins, I don’t like to keep you in suspense too long, so I am about to introduce you to the cream of the crop, from Minneapolis, Late Night Fights.  I will be honest with you chippies, I stumbled upon this band simply because one of the members, Lead singer Ryan Guanzon, was in a band I foster great love for.  Guanzon was the stick slinger, for the highly successful, national recording act New Medicine, and now he commands attention as front man for Late Night Fights.  The band’s Facebook page lists the word “Rock” as their genre, and well, I can’t get on board with that understatement. Stating this band is just “Rock ” is like calling the Mona Lisa a “doodle”.  This band fuses all that is good and right, into a hybrid of Nu metal, grunge, and alternative; ya know, just the best of the best.  Their sophomore album, Renal 911, is a treasure trove of musical masterpieces.  No two songs sound remotely similar, in fact, I had to check a couple times, to make sure I was still listening to the same album. The 3 piece, seemingly plucked their style right from the alternative metal heavens, yes it is that amazeballs.

The album has 9 tracks, 3 of them are interludes, and one is an funny little intro snippet.  The remaining 5 tracks, are all single worthy. Track #2, “Fuel the Disease”, made me believe Dave Grohl wrote it, yep, it is that splendid.  “Prison”, Track 4, made me catch a case of the feels, so hauntingly Seattle scene, vocals pierce right to the soul.  Track #6, “Nullify”, is owned by bassist Shane, pushing the song to maximum overdrive, oh and if you like Weezer, this song will be your jam!  “In your hands,” #7, has such a tasty mid-nineties alt-rock groove, that you will be up dancing like Molly Ringwald in the Breakfast Club. #9, “Failure”, is just grungy goodness.  Vocals are sinister, axe is deliciously distorted and the drummer, Daniel’s cadence is legendary.

Frankly my metal minions, Late Night Fights, is an unsigned band that should not be ignored.  Very rarely, does a band emerge that has such a hardcore grasp on so many different genres, and do them so dang magnificently.  You know I love you rapscallions, so I have included the links, that will lead you to becoming part of the magical world of Late Night Fights.  Now, get your little fanny perpendiculars in motion, buy the music, go to a show, and as always, BE THE METAL!

Follow Late Night Fights at the following links:

Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

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