Artist to Watch: V-Transmission


V-Transmission are a mature four piece combo, hailing from the dark, northern industrial area of the heartland of England, that is Manchester.


Their many and diverse influences include artists such as, Joy Division, David Bowie, The Killers, Pink Floyd, The Cult, and Metallica.

V-transmission tries to recapture some of the intensity in the excitement and energy, that is currently missing with some of the more established artists. The band wants to reintroduce that magical feeling, of what it was like to go to a gig with dreamy stage sets, and anthemic songs.



V-transmission have completed a self-funded studio album entitled, Coma, which was released in the summer of 2016. The debut single, No More Lights, is out now, and is available on iTunes, and Spotify, and a video can be found on Youtube. There is also a promotional video for Silence The Guns, which can also be found on Youtube, this is a track, that was specially penned for all the fallen in conflicts old and new.




Written by Noel Zullinger

V-transmission is made up of:

Andy Boucher, Vocals, guitars and keyboards.

Alex Shortland, Vocals, lead guitars.

Mick Bedford, Drums, percussion.

Peter Moran, Bass guitars. Keyboards, Vocals


If you want to know about the band, follow the links below:


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