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I get asked daily, if I have heard any new amazeballs music, and I feel it’s my civic duty to share my knowledge of spine-tingling new Metal music. Any time I stumble across a band that exudes the fire of the gods of Heavy Metal, I go through a gamut of emotions.  The emotion that was the most prevalent, when I heard the first 20 seconds of “A Long Way Down” by The Wilkof Project, was mind-numbing awe.  The voice that came floating out of my speakers, was pure and thunderous, a voice that slices deep into your  soul.  The voice belonged to Matt Wilkof, former front man/Guitarist for Another Black Day.

The Wilkof Project, based in West Palm Beach, is an undiscovered jewel.  I was sent 3 mastered tracks, and all 3 knocked this little Skullgurl on her well toned heiny.  I generally do not explore a band, until I get at least a mastered EP, but these cats, they are the real deal.  Did I mention they are a 3 piece?  That fact alone, makes me want to go right to the door of EMP, and stage a sit in, until The  Wilkof Project is signed.  “Why so dramantic, Skullgurl?” you may ask.  Well, my metal minions, because  3 piece Metal bands cannot have any weak links, each member must have the power of a soloist.  There is no room for error, there is no 2nd to fall back on for support in weak moments, not saying bands with more than 3 members are weak or less talented.  What I am saying is, that to achieve the sound from 3 musical voices like that of the Wilkof project, there has to be an almost magical connection.  The band has a multifaceted sound, imagine if Clutch and Soundgarden had a love child, then you would get the gist of the vibe I get from The Wilkof Project.  I will caution you, as I always do, DO NOT take my word for the caliber of talent a band has, you need to go find out for yourself.



A hard rock three piece band from West Palm Beach, FL. The Wilkof Project is: Matt Wilkof (vocals, guitar) TJ Bumgardner (drums) and Adam Kaye (bass). “Long Way Down” was written about the ravages of addiction on the afflicted and also the toll it takes on our loved ones who stand beside us heartbroken. However, there is always hope.

Posted by The Wilkof Project on Sunday, July 16, 2017


I have included the link to their first video, “A Long Way Down,” so you smart little cookies can discover the wondrous  sound of The Wilkof Project for yourselves.  I am a giver, you all know that, so I also included a couple other links to open your talent hungry eyes to the world of Wilkof.  I will predict this band will be taking the Metal world by storm by the middle of 2018, so do not procrastinate, or you will miss the ride of a life time.

BY Kimmarie “Skullgurl” Erickson

Photo credit: Christina Wilkof Photography


For more information on the band follow the links below:

2 Comments on Artist to watch: The Wilkof Project

  1. What a wonderful and insightful article to read. I was captured in the beginning from the emotions from the writer’s perspective as well as the fire in the soul from which the music had touched. I continued to be amazed as the writer not only informed us of the history of the band, but knew the inner workings of a band, let alone a 3 piece band. I instantly checked out the band through the link, and the article was spot on! They have a future in the music history, no doubt!! Looking forward to reading future articles from Kimmarie “Skullgurl” Erickson. Keep up the brilliant work and you will have a fan for life!

  2. I’ve been a METAL fan since the early 80’s. Good METAL takes ALOT of talent and a tight Chemistry within the band members.
    Wilkof Project is Excellent METAL! Each song has deep meaning and is sung and played with passion! Wilkof Project rocks you to the core!
    Did I mention good METAL has to be “tight”?
    Wilkof Project’s Axe Wielding music is definitely “tight”!
    Skullgurl hit it right on the nose; with her opinion and description of the band!
    I had the pleasure of meeting them; I’ve known TJ for years (One of the best drummers I’ve heard!). They are great guys!

    Wilkof! Keep going Brothers!

    T. Doherty

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