Blue Felix releases New video for “Mind Slip Away”

Blue Felix

Blue Felix is an American hard rock/ nu metal band based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that assembled in 2004. Their name is derived from a ‘certain dose’ of the psychedelic drug, LSD, also known as ‘Blue Felix’. Their lyrics are expressive of many real trials of life, that are relatable to all theirs listeners in some way or another. Wrought with emotion, that is of a caliber of intensity, that can only be equaled by that which they bring to their live shows, Blue Felix does excellent in making that connection with their listeners.  Released on August 18th, 2017 their latest video “Mind Slip Away,” serves as a great display of that before mentioned intensity.  Dissidence, and adhering to that notion of the power of the people, if you will, to “take down the Giant”, this video packs one helluva message to back the provocative lyrics, that keeps one’s interest and attention.  Power and energy abound, not only in the words that Blue Felix belt out, but also in this video that accurately shows just how full throttle the band really is. So, we present you the new video for “Mind Slip Away,” and also encourage you to check out more great stuff by this high octane band.


Blue Felix


Band members are:
Jake ”Toxsick’ Crooks – Lead Vocals
Rev. John Wheeler – Bass/Vocals
Chris ”Xhail” Masimore – Guitar
Eric ”ERoK” Moen – Drums
Dominic ”Spydr” Ciccarelli – Tracks/Vocals





Want to know more about the band, follow the links below:

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