Ink in the Clink 2017: A 3 Day Sentence at Shawshank

ink in the clink

Ink in the Clink 2017 — A 3-Day Sentence at Shawshank

Finishing up their third year, Ink in the Clink has made leaps to providing the Mid-Ohio area with a festival worth attending. A destination with a backdrop you won’t find anywhere else. Still relatively new, but gaining a lot of attention, Ink in the Clink sits on 40 acres at one of the most notorious prisons made famous by many films. I think anyone who’s anyone knows I don’t need to throw out any hints to tell you where or what I’m referring. But in case you’re still living in solitary and needing a handout, you’ll find Ink in the Clink located at the Ohio State Reformatory, made famous by the 1994 hit, “Shawshank Redemption.”

I was happy to be invited back by IITC to covering this 3-day long tattoo and music festival. Rick and Susan Fields, the people behind Ink in the Clink, amped up the entertainment by booking a solid lineup of rock/metal to ensure everyone was getting someone they wanted to see. When IITC announced their list this year, I had to start planning because many new AND bigger acts were on the horizon! The whole weekend was picture perfect for my camera, and this goes for anyone in attendance. Sunny skies hovered over the prison for the three-day festival.
I’m going to save my character count for this post about writing all the bands I captured this year. Rather than cover everyone (I don’t think I have the stamina to finger punch my keyboard with all the acts), I will highlight each day, pick my winners of who stuck out and flash a daily gallery of all bands for each day. Everyone wins


Rick Fields, the man behind IITC


Day 1 (July 14th)
Things started off loud ‘n heavy on day one at IITC. Two stages, side-by-side was the blueprint for all the acts. One band plays while the other set up. No dead air and continuous music all day long. Friday opened up with 14 regional and national groups which included performances by After the Ashes, Olathia, Bonesaw, Unsaid Fate, Otherwise, All that Remains, Mushroomhead, and In This Moment closing the evening.



Olathia (Cleveland, OH) – My appearance was hindered on day 1, but arrived in the knick of time at 4:30 to see my second family crash the stage at 5:00. A straight melodic thrash metal band fronted by female vocalist, Chris E. who can stretch sweet harmonious tones down to thundering growls of rage that quaked the prison walls Friday evening. This was Olathia’s first show in a few month span, but things really didn’t miss a beat, especially with Terry Johnson as the band’s newest man on bass battling out stage spotlight with Chris.




Chris E. of Olathia


Otherwise (Las Vegas, NV) – It seems like whenever you get any band signed to Century Media Records, you’re in for a treat. Not only is the high music enthusiastic, but their stage appearance is just as memorable as the songs they write. This was my first-time seeing or even hearing of Otherwise. As soon as Adrian Patrick entered the stage sporting a dark gray cloak-like hoodie (hood up), dangling red wristbands and the facial grins that represented, “shits about to get real,” then the energy level quickly rose from the main stage. The man worked that stage and played into the hands of the audience getting them involved singing such hits as “Soldiers” and “Die For You.” Expect to see the new material as their forthcoming album “Sleeping Lions” sets to drop at the end of next month.


Adrian Patrick of Otherwise

Mushroomhead (Cleveland, OH) – A favorite must-see for viewers residing in the northeast Ohio area. It’s no surprise Mushroomhead were invited back for Ink in the Clink this year. The seven masked members are known for their avant-garde sound, and elaborate stage set-ups headlined and shut down the second stage that night. Despite only having a few favorite hits I find myself listening to, the enjoyable part is watching them all collaborate and interact with the crowd. You don’t get the full “Mushroomhead” experience until you see a few of the members jump ship and clash with you in the crowd. A personal favorite of mine are the two water drums set up on both sides of the stage which are Illuminated with lights inside the drums. So every hit is a burst of “hydro” color fun for my camera.


Jeffrey Nothing of Mushroomhead


In This Moment (Hollywood, CA) – In This Moment won “Best of Show” for the weekend. Easily topping dsc_7545the other headliners and placing an exclamation point in every category. It really was no contest. Love or hate the music, you can’t deny the fact this band controls the battlefield playing live.
Implementing stage aesthetics that work perfectly with the tone of their music. Everyone is in heavy makeup. Dark, ghoulish-like appearances that make you think twice meeting these guys alone in the woods. As you fix your attention to the middle of the stage, a different persona is exhibited. Maria Brink, the lead vocalist for ITM provides some of the heaviest vocal sounds to come out of a singer. The screams and cries she leaves set the tone to all her songs. The emotion is heavily pitted into your stomach from such hits as “Whore,” “Big Bad Wolf,” and “Sick Like Me.” If you’re not already sold, I haven’t even gotten into the costume changes Maria switches into for most of her songs. Each song is heavily highlighted visually to showcase a story. The lights, thick fog that regularly encompasses the stages, all the way to her back up dancers tantalizing your eyeballs.


                                                                                                  Maria Brink of In This Moment



Bellow is a sample of the awesome photos captured from all three days at Ink in the Clink 2017:

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Written By Matt Moser

Photos by Moser Photoworks

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