Marty Mayhem And The Liabilities-Live At The Rifle EP

Marty Mayhem And The Liabilites are a band that formed out of the ashes of the glam punk, rock n roll band, The Smokin’ Prophets. Marty and the band split, due to creative differences.
Marty, the frontman, and lead guitarist of this three piece Punk Rock N’ Roll band are phenomenal. The EP is Live, at The Rifle,  a recording of their performing at their first gig.

marty mayhem 01

It has four new tracks, which are in a different direction than the Prophets, but they still retain the same spirit. It’s a bit darker, and real, on songs like Am I A Ghost, where he (Marty) sings of being an outcast. It sounds more mature than the Prophets, less glammy. They are a powerhouse live band, raw, and real. Marty has really come a long way, from being Lead Guitarist/songwriter in Hollywood Trash,
to being a great frontman. No ego, and a serious, talented, amazing musician, singer, and frontman. His voice is like a raspy, pissed off Johnny Thunders, and a hint of Kurt Cobain.

This band, for this being their first live gig, are tight as hell. The song Get Electric is pretty groovy, with some psychedelic punk sounding guitar riffs, along with a surf rock vibe, and it’s also anthemic, which is never a bad thing at all. The energy on this EP is absolutely pulsating, it’s hard not to dance or headbang, raise your fist in the air, and just plain fucking boogie.

marty mayhem 02
You can feel the sweat pouring off them in this, it’s everything that live rock music should be. Intense, sexy, and fucking balls out!  Gonna Make It has a classic hard rock riff, with the kick in the ass of punk. It’s like if Johnny Thunders and Guns N Roses had a love child with The Stooges and Green Day. Wake Up is pure punk aggression, classic snotty, in your face, reality. This EP is just too short, because it leaves you frothing at the mouth, wanting more. This is what rock n’ roll should sound like, and we need more
of it.

By Andy Thunders

Band Members are:
Marty Mayhem

The Liabilities
Alex Williams
Sian Guest


To know more about the band, follow the links bellow:

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