One-Eyed Doll: Get the VIP Soundcheck Experience This Fall!

What you get with VIP:
This is going to be fun. 🙂 We’ll get you into the venue an hour early. Once you’re in, we’ll run over one or a few songs, which may include new stuff and MAYBE (not promising, but maybe!!!) even something that’s not on the set list. Pretty exclusive. 🙂

After soundcheck, we’ll spend the rest of the time before doors just chilling with you, signing things, taking pics, etc. You’ll also get early access to merch, in case you’d like to grab anything from our table ahead of the crowd.

As per usual, you’ll have the sickest VIP badge EVER to wear around at the show. Everyone will know that you’re my favorite. 😉

We’re giving you an extra special deal since this will be our first time doing this type of VIP! It’s only $75 this time. That’s a $25 break from previous tours. That means you’ll have more money for merch! 🙂

• You’ll still need to buy your general admission tickets in addition to VIP. Scroll down to find your city and get tickets.
• Minors may be accompanied by an adult to protect you from us.
• VIP is one hour before doors. Be at the front entrance of the venue with your receipt and a crew member will come find you, give you your badge and kidnap you for soundcheck.
• If for some reason soundcheck isn’t possible, we’ll do something else even more fun. Things change at the last minute sometimes, but we roll with the punches and always have a blast. Be ready for anything!
• If you’re unsure about age restriction stuff, have accessibility needs or any other questions, email[email protected]
• More info HERE!

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