Remembering Jane Train, Metal Angel

By Skullgurl Metalchick

The world of music has lost to many shining stars this year, Cornell, Bennington, Berry, Alman and many more.  Music is a deeply personal thing, and the magicians that create the music that fuels our souls, become like family to us, well if you are like the Skullgurl, that is.  When a musician leaves this oasis, to move onto the next realm, It can feel like a close family member has walked into the light, and it darkens the soul.  Today, August 23, 2017, one of my sisters of Metal shrugged off her earthly shackles, to spread her wings, into the next beyond.  Jane Train, 49, passed away due to complications from her injuries, sustained in a devastating RV vs Semi accident, that occurred in Florida in July.  Train, aka Jane Rain, was removed from life support today, according to her Lawyer, Ed Ciarimbali, and the world lost the light of a thousand pyres. I remember when I heard of the accident, and the stabbing pain in my heart, when hearing of the injuries sustained by the inhabitants of the RV.   Jane was the tour manager of New York based Metalcore band, Adrenaline Mob, when the accident occurred.  Bassist of the Adrenaline Mob, David Zabidowsky, succumbed to his injuries, the day of the crash, and 2 other occupants are still recovering from critical injuries.

Jane was so much more than a Tour Manager, she was a Rock Star, a rebel, a kind, beautiful being.  Jane had the voice of a pure Metal goddess, the stage presence of a musical force of nature.  The model beautiful siren possessed the pure fire of a true artist, a fire that burned noticeably white hot, in all of her projects.  Jane was currently part of an amazing Nu metal project called Not by Sight, writing and recording with members of Metal’s most elite bands. I watched the video for “Beautiful Star,” a song Jane wrote for a dear friend that committed suicide, and the pain became real for me.  The world lost an angel today, plain and simple.

I am including links to Jane’s music, I urge you to listen, and remember her, for her contribution to making this world more resplendent.  Jane’s earthly form no longer walks among us, but her life-force will live eternally through her music.

Fly high with angels sweet Jane, thank you for your light.

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  1. This was a very touching and well wrote article. It wasn’t just about the passing of a wonderful musician. You focused on her life, her passions, and the music that flows from within a lot of us lucky meat carcass wearing beings. You paid homage to the life of a wonderful woman who was given the wonderful chance to fulfill her dreams. To enjoy what life has to offer, to love music, and live within its tonal streams. One taken too early, but then again it seems all the good ones are. Another great article professionally written by the master mind known as Skullgurl Metalchick. Bravo

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