Review of new Doll Skin album “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”

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Before I joined Uncivil Revolt, I was with another publication called Center Stage Magazine. It is another online magazine that mainly specialized in indie country music. When I joined, I was one of few who handled the rock ‘n’ roll side for the magazine, from interviewing John Cooper of Skillet, to covering Gemini Syndrome, at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood, Calif. During my time there, I came across a band of female rockers from Phoenix, Ariz. They call themselves Doll Skin, and I was astounded by their passion and firmness in their music. Some of the members are still in their teens, but they have style. The punk rock girls made my Top 20 list of 2016 with the EP, In Your Face (Again). Now they are on the attack once again with their first full-length LP, Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Riding high off their successes, Doll Skin is the embodiment of how punk girls should rock.

doll skin 089Frontwoman Sydney Dolezal, has a tremendous harmonic voice, that may seem mismatched with the punk rock style of the music, but it meshes very well. For example, her angelic singing in the song, “Puncha Nazi,” flows melodiously with the rapid musicianship. There are times when she lets out the beast inside her, like in “Persephone.” Lead guitarist Alex Snowden shreds like she is Lita Ford on steroids. She not only performs beautiful, rhythmic riffs, but also adds an earsplitting crunch to her solos, especially on “Baby’s Breath.” Drummer Meghan Herring and bassist Nicole Rich, add a sharp pulse to the beat, wailing and thrashing on the cymbals and bass strings. Along with the tunes “Rubi,” “Shut Up (You Miss Me),” and “Boy Band,” they bring a radio friendly pop song, to go along with the toughness of their punk lifestyle.

The lyrics they pen for each of their songs, borderline on tough, as well as sensitive. In the song “Daughter,” the girl looks up to her mother, who does not let life get her down, no matter how tough it gets. Everybody in the group contributes to the songwriting process, and each song is proof that their chemistry is a perfect combination for writing the perfect tunes. As mentioned before, they are able to blend the rough exterior of punk rock, with the sweet nature of bubblegum pop. It is a lethal arrangement.
Manic Pixie Dream Girl has been dubbed as the first full-length debut of Doll Skin, and it does not disappoint. While most girls their age are developing their voices, and perfecting dance moves to become the new Madonna or Katy Perry, these young women picked up instruments, and sought to become a band of the future. Megadeth bassist/founder David Ellefson, discovered them at a high school talent show, and saw the potential they possess, just like I do. This album shows their evolution as musicians, and it will only get better as they get older. This is one record every punk enthusiast should embrace. To Doll Skin, I salute you. Horns up!!! 9.0/10

By Brandon “B-Mac” McCarthy

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01. Shut Up (You Miss Me)
02. Daughter
03. Road Killa
04. Boy Band
05. Rubi
06. Sunflower
07. Sweet Pea
08. Baby’s Breath
09. Persephone
10. Puncha Nazi
11. Uninvited



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