Review of Ruckwater’s new EP “Bonehead”

Hailing from Scandanvia, Rückwater’s debut EP, Bonehead, is a fantastic stoner rock EP, similar to Graveyard, but with some neopsychedelic vibes.ruckwater124
The album kicks off with the awesome, heavy, powerful Once More With Feeling, it’s pure old school hard rock, with Zeppelin like vocals, and grooves. The riff is so fucking massive and intense. No Gain has an almost trippy punk/grunge rock vibe, fast paced, and frantic, but with fantastic vocals. Labrynth has a pure blues vibe. Clean, warm sounding guitars start it off. Almost an Alice In Chains vibe.
It’s definitely a unique, good mix. Great lyrics, great mood. Not one song sounds the same on this record, and it still ties in and works so well.


It picks up in the middle with a Soundgarden like riff, gets nice and heavy and upbeat, and then slows down for a nice, light, fluffy, euphoric cloud like outro. The riffs on this record are fucking awesome. Super Frustration is an intense, short burst of literally pure aggression, kind of like punk rock Metallica. It’s great, and although it only lasts 1:16, it definitely hits you like a brick to the head. Bonehead starts off with a groovy distorted bass, with a bringing back of a great late 70’s hard rock vibe; it’s a great sleazy rock n’ roll song, also with a fantastic guitar solo. Flame Doesn’t Cast A Shadow is pure neopsychedelia, and slightly proggy.
The quality of the musicianship and songwriting in the band are absolutely exceptional, and extraordinary, especially for a brand new band.
To make all 6 of these great tracks, completely in polar opposite styles, and flow so successfully, is insane. The band literally has eclectic tastes, and makes them all work in a great way. The last half of Flame Doesn’t Cast A Shadow, is a nice, mellow, hypnotic, euphoric outro. This is one of the best, and most talented new bands I have heard, in a really long time. Inventive, and exploratory.

ruckwater bonehead

Review by Andy Thunders for Uncivil Revolt

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