The Digital Masquerade Release “Straight Jacket”

The Digital Masquerade

Covina, CA based metal band The Digital Masquerade has released the Official Music Video for their single, “Straight Jacket,” off of their full-length LP, Digital Train Time Machine.

“Straight Jacket,”Digital Masquerade’s first music video, was filmed in Glendale, CA at the old abandoned police facility. The song is a story about getting institutionalized in a criminally insane asylum and tortured. Then the inmates overtake the asylum and escape, which story is visually captured by director Matt Zane.

Click HERE to Download ‘Digital Train Time Machine’ Online

The Digital Masquerade started back 2013 in the city of Azusa, California. It all started when Kurt and Trevor met each other at a party through Kurt’s old guitarist from his previous band, Sixteen Till. Immediately, they clicked and started jamming. They wrote a couple songs and knew that they had something going, so naturally, they picked up a bassist and drummer and formed ‘The Digital Masquerade’. Before acquiring a bassist and drummer, Trevor and Kurt pretty much wrote the entire first album.

A little while later, they recorded the first album, “Welcome to the Masquerade”. However, before recording had begun, the former bassist had left to join the Air Force. This left Trevor to record all the bass parts. The former drummer had moved to Tennessee after recording and before the album was ever released. With only a singer and a guitarist, the band was going through a bit of a hiatus. Even though all of this had happened, Kurt and Trevor decided to keep the band alive and start jamming again. They wrote a few more songs before finding a bassist. Trevor had known of a guy that played bass and guitar by the name of Collin. Collins filled in on bass before finding now bassist, Jim. Jim had been in a band Mind-vent on the east coast and moved to California. After being recruited to play bass, Collin then moved to rhythm guitar. Now with Kurt on lead vocals, Trevor on lead guitar, Collin on rhythm guitar and Jim on bass, all the band needed was a drummer.

The Digital Masquerade

This brings us to Red. Red had found an ad on craigslist for a band seeking a drummer and immediately contacted them. The band asked if he could try out and he did. They immediately connected and thus completing The Digital Masquerade. With a complete band, they recorded their first album together, Digital Train Time Machine. They played a few local shows, promoting their album. Then set out for more rewarding shows. They received their first show in the “light” at The Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, Ca. They opened up for Circus of Power and got great reviews. Since then they have opened for other national acts such as Stephen Pearcy from Ratt, LA Guns, Dizzy Reed from Guns N’ Roses, Motograter etc.. They since have been playing and continuing to write music. They recently made a music video for their single, “Straight Jacket” in which they are touring to promote it along with writing new material to be recorded in the fall of 2017.

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